Monday, March 12, 2007

Welcome to the Maternity Ward

I'm having difficulty keeping track of all the people I know that are pregnant so...

Misty - girl
Lorraine - boy
Jessica - boy
Colleen - girl
Irina - TBD
Bianka - TBD
Becca - TBD (don't really know her, but I feel like I know her)
Kim - I dunno
Tiffany - TBD
Corinne - TBD
Plus 3 other people from high school that I don't really keep track of anymore.

Talk about a baby boom!!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

I love my Pilot!

We got a new Honda Pilot last Wednesday and I LOVE IT!!!! The hubby got all of the bells and whistles installed after-market and once they are all 100% working and my windows are tinted and the tow hitch is on, I will be ECSTATIC.

The last two days have pretty much sealed the deal that I love my Pilot even more than I loved my Accord (2003 EX white coupe, tan interior). Yesterday morning I'm on the freeway going about 70 mph when all of a sudden there is a ladder laying in my lane (the car in front of me swerved at the last minute narrowly missing it). Knowing that I'm in a SUV and could roll easily and that I was fairly high up, I do not swerve as wildly as I would have in my low to the ground, demon possessed Lexus. I run over the ladder with my front driver's side tire. No loud noises and no severe jarring...basically it felt like I drove over a speed bump. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! Imagine what would have happened in the Lexus?!

This morning there was a motorcycle accident that caused the 91 to be down to a single lane at Pierce. My kick ass navigation system also has XM Traffic Alert. It paid for itself today. Typically when there's an accident reported I play phone a friend to determine where traffic breaks up and where I can get back on the freeway. Navi does this for me! Not only does it shade my route (extremely accurately) in either green, yellow, or red for the average speed of travel, but it puts an alert button at the place of the accident and at the place traffic begins flowing freely. If I click on the button I get details of the accident/point of free flow. How AMAZING is that?! It will also tell me the average speed for a particular stretch of freeway. I'm in love.

This brings up another topic - motorcycle accidents on the 91. Seriously, with all of the carnage I've seen/sat through over the last few years, I don't see how anyone could see the benefit of zipping through traffic to be worth the substantially increased risk of becoming road kill. I know someone that was killed on a motorcycle within 5 miles of his house and someone that was killed by a drunk driver late at night riding home from work, but rush hour motorcycle riders are IDIOTS!! I still can't get the image of the guy that ended up on top of a semi trailer out of my head.

What We Discovered at The Ponda Center:

My sistor took me to the Christina Aguilera concert on Monday for my birthday (thanks again sistor!). Here are our observations:

1. orange haired asian man - yes an asian man that tried to bleach his hair - orange was the result
2. horse lady - no joke, wearing riding pants and boots with a sweater...she was just missing the helmet
3. pretty black family - very attractive and wholesome mom, dad, and two sons. not snooty or trashy...quite the rarity it appears
4. dooney and burke - 12 year old girls carrying D&B purses...real ones...are you kidding me?!
5. the cutest gay couple ever!!!! They totally rocked out throughout the entire concert...we loved them!!!
6. the dads and boyfriends - all "forced" to tag along of course
7. brown high top converse - words cannot explain...
8. boob lady- one of her boobs is two of yours - this is not an exaggeration
9. green sweater vest - why is it that the Ponda Center thinks green sweater vests are a good look for their ushers?
10. wannabe christina next to me and her high on drugs husband - She looked like a bad impression of Gwen Stefani...Christina is going for the classy look right now (thankfully! I hated the dirrty phase) and this chick was a little too funky...much more Gwen. no comment on the husband...they both annoyed me
11. "its starting and no one is here... thats the oc for you" - concert started at 7:30...Danity Kane and PCD opened...that took an hour. It wasn't until after the PCDs started that most of the seats were filled...seriously?!
12. moms in their 18 year old daughters clothes - if you have to wonder whether they are mom/daughter or sisters, that's a bad sign.
13. lesbian he-she two rows in front of us - she made a particular vendor of mine look feminine
14. black lady with hooker boots, booty shorts, and vest to match - for some reason I can't remember this chick
15. moms buying their 14 year old daughters Pussy Cat Doll sweatshirts that read "Loosen up my buttons" - HELL NO! would my daughter be allowed to wear ANYTHING that said Pussy or Loose prior to her 18th birthday, nor would I EVER buy it for her.
16. quick - compare Britney to Christina - who's laughing now? Christina was absolutely beautiful and that girl has pipes!!! Poor, poor Britney!