Sunday, February 28, 2010

Odd Events

First, hail in Chino. Then, the not quite 12 week old twinfants slept 8 hours solid! Happy early birthday to me!!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Massive Dorks

Me: Why did that Caravan put their spare tire on like that?
Striker: because they're massive dorks.

Question: Who are the bigger dorks, us or them? ;)

Morning at the DMV

I avoid the DMV at all costs. Only been there 4 times: permit, license, name change, today for required new photo for renewal. (Protesting that I took a new photo when I changed my name 5 years ago and should thus be granted an extension...whatever, take my $31).

When I arrived there were no parking spaces available. An extra lap around the block and I happened to snag one. There was a line at the door and around the side of the building. But I had an appointment (because seriously, why would you go there without one?!). I walked inside and saw this ambiguous sign. Luckily there was a security guard nearby to direct people. ;)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today Was The Day

Today was the day that I busted out the Moby Wrap and made Tony the happiest baby on the planet. He hasn't felt well and has been wanting to be held constantly during the day and will only sleep until I put him down. In desperation I finally put on one of my wraps that's been sitting next to my bed since the boys came home. He's happy, passed out, AND I can still move freely about the house. Very convenient when there's another baby sleeping in his swing (don't judge me, it was one of those mornings).

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pretty Good for Twin Parents

I do have to say that we cleaned up pretty darn well for twin parents ;)

Things to note:
-See the nice fancy buttons on my sweater? Oh yes, I sewed those on myself!
-Striker was under the influence of cold medicine, but looked pretty darn handsome if I do say so myself!
-I'd had roughly 5 beers and 2 shots by the time this picture was taken and was still functional...i.e. mostly able to dance...and by mostly, I mean that I fell on my butt when my heel slipped. These are the same shoes I was wearing when I slipped last year. It's the shoes, not the woman wearing them, and they are cute!!!

Other fun pictures:

Jeopardy Blog Version

When I was pregnant I wanted a shirt made with the following: December. Twin boys. Yes, twins. Neither, we did IVF. Yes, but we're keeping that a surprise for when they're born. That was to answer the questions: When are you due? Do you know if it's a boy or a girl? Wow, twins?! What side of the family are twins on? Do you have names picked out?

Last night was the annual dinner/dance for the Dance Group (pictures and recap to come in a separate post). I ended up as greeter/door prize raffle ticket taker/table finder. Striker sat with me for awhile, as did...let's call her Dance Group Mom -DG Mom for short (NOT Lady)...but I pretty much saw everyone as they came in and was asked the same series of questions. I'll give you my answers, you tell me the questions. ;)
They're good.
2 1/2 months.
My mom and aunt.
Yep, 2 babies, 2 sitters.
About 5-6 hours. They're really good babies.

I think I only heard "for twins" 5 times or less...not bad for 310 people. ;)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guess What I Paid For...

8 - 5x7s
773 - 4x6s
And yes, there were coupons involved, and yes, cashier/photo girl questioned my rule following. ;)

Ash Wednesday is the Day After Mardi Gras

Ok, so I'm faux Catholic*, but I'm generally in the know on these sorts of things. Until yesterday, when I read ABBA's post and made the connection that Mardi Gras is the day before Ash Wednesday. (Insert your mockery in the comments section please).

Anyhow, I sometimes observe Lent, sometimes don't. When the boys are a little older we'll be observing for sure, since I feel it's important for them to have that upbringing even if they choose to go the faux Catholic route later. When trying to think of something to give up for Lent this year, I came up with TV and chocolate. TV was ruled out, because what else would I do while feeding the boys at 2 AM in the relative darkness? Once the boys are sleeping through the night and awake during the day more (coming soon as we're only waking up once during the night now!) my TV viewing should return back to normal levels. Besides, I'm not waiting 4 weeks to watch 24 ;)

As for chocolate, well I only have about 3 months of consumption left before I need to pretty much eliminate it from my life. Once I'm no longer on the greatest weight loss plan on the planet (nursing twins), I'll need to once again eat responsibly and watch my intake of dessert items. Now I see why some mothers nurse until their kids are fest! So, I'm not about to shave a month off of my chocolate indulgence.

So this led me to get creative...for Lent I'll be giving up my complete BlackBerry dependency. This means that I will not be reading blog posts on my BlackBerry, but will be opening up my laptop (or, gasp, using Striker's desktop) to read blog posts, which will lead to comments from me for you. You could say that I'm giving up Commenting Laziness. ;)

*faux Catholic - 1. never baptized in The Church, yet married to a Catholic and observe the traditional aspects of the religion. Just don't regularly attend Mass. Also refuse to attend classes to become an official Catholic when husband was baptized as an infant and has attended Mass fewer times than I, yet is considered a "real" Catholic. (i.e. Me) 2. someone who was baptized as an infant, yet is less "Catholic" that someone under definition 1 (i.e. Striker)

Must end post now...crying twinfants...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Mr KFuj's New Best Friend

As long as I'm not anywhere near by at least. Sigh.

The Third Twin

Alex was bonding with his buddy Kyle today, oh and KFuj too ;)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Yesterday we:
-slept "late" meaning we took the boys' morning naps with them
-got Lucille's BBQ take-out (salads, biscuits and apple butter, chicken, ribs, and tri tip, mac n cheese, shoestring fries, and cobbler -YUM)
-took a walk together for the first time around the park and enjoyed the 80 degree weather
-assembled the Exersaucer which Tony is almost ready for...just a little more head control...Alex still has a few weeks to go
-played with the boys
-got Olive Garden take-out (chicken parm, soup, salad, and breadsticks YUMMY)
-Passed out after watching about 15 minutes of the Olympics...I like it better when we're in a different time zone I think

Hope you all had a great day too!

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Barbie!

Grandma, we hope you have a great day today! Mom says you will because you'll be spending it with our close friends and family and are on strict orders to NOT do any chores and just play with us all day - diaper duty optional ;) Thank you for helping our Mommy and giving her so much extra time to just play with us. Thanks for always being on the hunt for whatever thing we need to be 110% happy. We are so lucky that we get to see you almost every day. We love you! The Lil Dudes

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Murphy's Haircut

How today's schedule was supposed to go:
10 pick up Edible Arrangement
10:15 pick up Striker's meds
10:45 pick up lunch
11 eat lunch/feed boys
11:30 Costco
1:00 hair cut at home (love stylists that make house calls)
3:30 KFuj's for cupcake baking/decorating
5:40 Family pictures at JC Penney
7:30 Olympic Opening Ceremony while finishing favors and gifts for Kyle and KFuj

All was on schedule until 1. Jason got caught in President's Day weekend/Valentines Day weekend/weekend traffic and didn't arrive until 2:30. Realizing I was NOT making it to KFuj's, I began baking 4 boxes of cupcakes at 2:15 and coordinating pick up of cupcakes and decorating materials for 3:30. Jason cut Striker's hair while I baked. 3:30 pick up became 4ish. Gave Jason a deadline of needing camera ready hair by 5:20 with specific instructions that he was to give me quick and easy non-mom pressure. Made panicked phone call to my mom asking for back up. While I can get myself and boys ready in under 2 hours while solo, Striker is not experienced in doing do, and I was getting my haircut until the 11th hour. Jason refused to talk me thru haircut and just started chopping...mild panic attack occurred. Mom arrived, Striker got ready, Jason finished AWESOME haircut, and we were
out the door without a minute to spare! Mom stays behind and takes care of every single chore I'd have had to do when I got home...seriously, she's AMAZING...I think Striker called her Wonder Woman when she changed the sheets on our bed while getting the boys ready.

Arrived at JC Penney for photo session...boys start crying because they're hungry...feed them their bottles. There's 1 picture I LOVE and several that I like. Yay!

Pick up Pei Wei, put boys to bed, wait, and wait, and wait for Opening Ceremonies to start. Anti-climatic and rather lame ceremonies put Striker to sleep. I start blogging about my crazy day instead of finishing making and wrapping KFuj's gifts...decide I'll go to bed and finish everything around 2:30 AM when the boys wake up...wish me luck!

Murphy's Law, you suck!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1 CPA 4U

Ever since 1/1/09, my license plate collection has failed to grow at the same rapid pace it once had. This morning I received an email from my father in law with this plate. It made me miss photoing while driving, but not necessarily driving.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Happy 2 Month Birthday!

Didn't I just write their 1 Month Birthday post?!

Both of the boys are wearing 0-3 Month clothes now. I went through today and pulled out all of the Newborn clothes to add to the boxes of Preemies. They really do grow too fast!!! The good news is that they can now wear matching outfits since all have been purchased in the same size. We'll see how long that lasts since Tony is gaining/growing at a faster rate than Alex. I've been doing a much better job of dressing them in matching/coordinating outfits. Still a much bigger fan of coordinating though.

Updates on photo and changing table goals (because I know you're all wondering):
I am getting my hair cut on Friday and have aspirations of getting a professional family photo taken by 3 months. I NEED a haircut and we have a busy few weeks coming up...there's a chance I might just go do it Friday night or Saturday morning though...

Changing table and nursery still have not been used. HOWEVER, they are just about too long/tall for sharing a crib and we have declared this weekend time for the big move...update will be coming soon.

To celebrate their 2 month birthday, 2 NFL teams played in the Super Bowl AND Isabelle was born...pretty cool huh? ;) I dressed them in their matching football outfits...thanks Aunt Cindy and Uncle Vic!

Tony's hair is growing back (dark) and his cheeks are possibly getting even bigger than his brother's! He's getting really good at controlling and holding up his head and can straighten out his body like a ski jumper and hold himself up. He's a strong little guy! He loves watching TV and the ceiling fan. He's still a talker and babbles and flails his arms about. He's almost always happy and never cries unless his hungry or really tired.

Alex stopped being such a fuss butt towards the end of the month and is a super snuggler. I love snuggling and cuddling with them both, but Alex has started wrapping his arm around my neck and sort of tucks the other under my armpit. He's been much happier, though still cries when he's not 100% content. Luckily I've gotten better about diagnosing the problem faster, which means less crying.

Both have started drooling...yuck. they're a little behind on a few of the developmental milestones, but of course they're right on schedule for drooling. yay. so excited. NOT!

We survived being home alone together while Striker returned to work. There were a few rough days, but overall I think we did pretty well. I'm REALLY good at juggling and multitasking and my super planning/organizational skills have paid off. I'm a FIG according to Striker, but we'll see how he does with Mr. KFuj on Monday while KFuj and I are gone for approximately 6 hours. ;)

We had a few outings at the very end of the month to watch Striker bowl and play hockey, and to Grandma's house to watch the Super Bowl. I had a helper for all outings, but will be making a 100% solo trip this week. This next month will be spent mastering outings and refining the routine/schedule to accommodate them so that the boys aren't on a 9AM-9PM routine like they were today...more of a 7-7 or 8-8...maybe I'll shoot for 7:30-7:30?

Snuggle Time!

While Mommy got things ready for our trip to Grandma's house, Daddy and the boys napped.

Belongs in a Museum

Possibly the original heating pad...and yes, Auntie B still uses it.

Food Fest Round 2

Items consumed during the first half:
french onion dip w/Ruffles
green onion dip w/carrots
guacamole a la Striker w/tortilla chips
salsa con queso w/tortilla chips
meatballs with tomato sauce
meatballs with chili sauce and grape jelly (SO good!)
lil smokies in a blanket
potato skins (courtesy of TGI Fridays)
mozzarella sticks w/ marinara (courtesy of TGI Fridays)

I've spent most of my time in the kitchen, but I know the score is 10-6 Colts. None of the commercials have been that great, but I have high expectations for the second half.

Food Fest Round 1

When it comes to sporting events, I tend to eat my way through them. The Super Bowl is of course the most grand of all food fests related to sporting events.

I decided to start the day off with Pilsbury Cinnamon Rolls, which prompted the question: How do you eat your cinnamon rolls? Striker is a biter (pictured). I am an unroller, saving the gooey center for my last bite (not pictured, because it wasn't until I'd devoured mine that I thought to take a picture).

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Daddy Plays Hockey

And Oma and Opa feed the boys.

First Outing!

Friday Striker attended a practice session for today's PBA Regional Tournament. I decided that this would make an excellent first outing for the boys and I. I'd intended to fly solo and meet Striker there, but was a little worried about the additional logistics due to the rain, so Auntie B came along too.

It was rather uneventful except for traffic on the way there. The boys pretty much slept the whole time.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

20 Questions

Today was the 2 month doctor visit for the boys. Striker took the morning off to come with me since there was paperwork and a need to get there half an hour early to process everything...sigh.

First I'd like to mention that even Tony was big enough to no longer need blanket padding in his car seat...this makes outings MUCH easier, so expect that we'll be out and about now...YAY!

Of course all outings are met with games of 20 Questions. I really need to get better at answering ridiculous questions like:

Are they twins?
Are they both girls?

Please note the blue infant carriers...and complete absence of pink or purple. I expect to be asked if they are both boys or if they are identical (due to a last minute spit up issue, they do match today).

Anyhow, they took their 5 shots like champs and both measured 22 inches. Alex weighs 8 pounds 14 ounces. Tony weighs 8 pounds 1 ounce and plans to pass up his brother in the next 2 months. I wonder where he gets his competitiveness from? ;)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The 'Pile'

My sister is not a cook or baker, but has recently been making attempts at both. She can cook: grilled cheese, mac n cheese, pancakes, and spaghetti with garlic bread (the latter is a recent accomplishment which required BBM tutorials). She can bake: cupcakes, cake, and pumpkin cheesecake streusel. You might have notice the cheese and cake themes there?

Tonight she sent me this picture and we had the following conversation via BBM (not on a Droid):
Me: Omelet?
Sissy: ‎​You could say that...more like just a pile
Me: LOL it's a start.
Sissy: Shades is proud of my pile! (Please note: Shades CAN cook)
Me: I was impressed
Sissy: ‎​Ooo!!! I think this should be a blog

I aim to please....

Hidden Camera?

I swear there was a hidden camera in our bedroom because this could easily be Striker and Alex.

This post brought to you by sleeping twinfants and Queen B's request...she refused to Google, but suggested that I blog it. Sigh.