Saturday, April 21, 2012

Jillian @ 2 Months

Her 2 month appointment was yesterday. Her stats:

13lbs 5 oz (a nice even 4 pounds since birth)
24 inches (2 inches since birth)

She took her shots like a champ and only cried for a minute or two.

She keeps sleeping longer and longer stretches at night. She usually falls asleep between 7:30-8. Sleeps until 5ish, eats and goes back to sleep. Occasionally wakes up around 2-3 to eat but will then go back to sleep until 7. Don't hate me too much...she's Tony-i-didn't-sleep-through-the night-until-i-was-two's sister. 

She is content just looking around and people watching when she's awake during the day. She'll squawk when she gets bored.

I still am having a bit of a hard time getting some place at a specific time, but I've pretty much got my routine down and have had many solo outings. I'm confident until Jill becomes mobile...then I'll probably have another period of panic.

Jill's nicknames include: Jilly Bean, Bean, and Baby G (as in girl)

Her brothers are very protective of her when other kids want to check her out. They rock her car seat and play with her toys in the car when we stop at red lights to entertain her. Love them all!