Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jillian @ 10 Months

I have no idea why this little girl isn't walking yet! She climbs EVERYTHING! She has incredible flexibility and and dance are hopefully in her future.

Jill cut 3 top teeth this week bringing her total teeth count to five. Number 6 is close. 7 and 8 don't look to be too far behind.

Jill got the flu for the first time this week. It was pretty short lived and I enjoyed the snuggle time with her because she is NOT a snuggler normally.

I can't believe that it's time to start planning her first birthday festivities (after Christmas course)!

Friday, December 7, 2012


How is it possible that these little guys are THREE YEARS OLD today?!

Now they look like this....

There are no words to describe how much I love these two. My firsts. Even though they're only a minute apart, they have taken on the roles of big and little (and now middle) brother. Though really, they've always been that way, even in utero.

Alexander Martin

38" (holding on to that one inch advantage over Tony) & 38.5 pounds
This kid is the rule follower.
He's recently learned the art of negotiation "Mommy can we go to Cars Land first? Then we'll go on the mermaid ride." My favorite kid. He got his way.
He has a touch of OCD...he notices right away if something is out of place. He lines up his cars and trains. He can make a mess like no other, be he hates to be dirty or messy.
He's the inquisitive one. He wants to know what everything is, how it works, and soon to come I'm sure "why".
He loves blocks and legos and tunnels and roads. If this kid doesn't end up an engineer or something similar, I'll be surprised.
He refuses to let me cut his hair or nails. I gave up on the hair issue and am letting it grow out. Striker and I have to hold him down while he kicks and screams to cut his toenails. I can usually offer up a bribe to allow us to cut his finger nails.
He's the love bug. He's not a snuggler, but he's affectionate. He wants to make sure that everyone is okay.
He loves dairy foods and cheeseburgers and sandwiches and fruit. He likes non-chocolate sweets.

Anton Mikael

37" & 33.5 pounds - Oh my tiny kid! (His little sister is already 29.5" and 21.5 pounds...of course she weighed almost twice as much at birth as Tony did)
Tony has spunk. Pretty sure he is at the top of Santa's naughty list.
He's left handed. He's creative, artsy, musically inclined, loves to dance, and so different from his brother.
He's a snuggler.
He likes to sleep late with mommy on the weekend while daddy gets up with Alex and Jill (thanks Striker!).
He's a talker. And a parrot. And he can recap like no other!
He is messy. And a total rough and tumble boy.
He loves cars and trains, but mostly Lightning McQueen.
He loves animals. Especially dogs and cats. Especially Pluto.
He is very passionate. He loves passionately. He also fights with his siblings passionately. He's also becoming very passionately opinionated about some things lately.
He loves chocolate. And carbs. And chicken.

If I remember, I'll ask them the list of birthday questions tomorrow. (Thank you Pinterest).