Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jillian Anneliese is Here!

Finally! ;)

February 20, 2012
9 pounds 5 ounces
22 inches

I will post her birth story later. In the meantime, we're in love and the boys are doing very well adjusting to all of the upset in their regular routine and getting used to having a little sister. I'll get pictures of them giving her kisses eventually. It's adorable, and makes me one proud mommy!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Rachel Made Me Do This

She didn't really, but the title is a throw back to the original blog title...which I will be renaming again soon...third time's the charm, right?

Without going into much detail, Rachel and I have gone through so much together in our desire to become mothers that getting to share being pregnant with our daugthers at the same time means more to us than anyone can know.

Here we are on December 4, 2011...when we thought we were big and waddling...hahaha! This was the day after Jill did her first drop and yet, look how high she is...

Here we are a few weeks ago on January 30, 2012 in what we thought would be our last prego picture together...

And here we are today at 38 weeks and 40.5 weeks...

At this point, we're hoping our girls share their birthday. 

It should be noted that we did not purposely stand on the same side in all three pictures...apparently this is just how we stand together...I'm now going to search for any previous pictures of us together to see if this holds true...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

#3 - Week 40

Got a little festive with the belly this week since I can't believe I have 4 weeks of pictures in this shirt. And seriously, this better be the last one...though there's a chance for ONE more. Disneyland did nothing except exhaust me. I insisted on a little bonus monitoring on Friday since Jill had been VERY chill (for her) for several days in a row. When my doctor couldn't prove me wrong with his in office monitoring (thanks Jill!), we got to go to the hospital for a NST and AFI. Jill of course decided to be her usual soccer playing self for the nice lady in fetal diagnostics, who said all of the right things to make me believe that I wasn't crazy, and my doctor was a jerkface who thought he knew everything. I think Striker was reassured that the nice lady said everything about a VBAC that I had been saying and of course rested our fears that Jill would somehow be a boy since we hadn't had an ultrasound since week 18. While she was only a tech and not allowed to tell us such things, she did leave the glorious crotch shot up for a very long time for us to see (knowing that we were pros at ultrasounds having had so many with the boys). I love the ladies in Fetal Diagnostics at St Jude!

While we went to the hospital unsure if we'd end up staying, I left confident that Jill was cooking nicely and prepared to just wait her out. Next dr appointment is on Friday. It's most likely going to also be in scheduling Jill's formal eviction...I think I'm going to beg Striker to come (like he hasn't already missed enough work this week and he's not busy as heck right now) just to see how Dr jerkface's attitude I suspect it might. Plus I want Striker included in scheduling his daughter's birthday and how her eviction will go...which is a really weird concept for me.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#3 - Week 39

I really hope this is the last one...Disneyland tomorrow just to see if that helps any. After all of the fake out contractions last week, Jill has been laying low and being pretty chill the last few days. Tick tock...