Sunday, May 20, 2012

Jillian @ 3 Months

I love my baby girl!

My sister is getting married today, so I'll be weighing and measuring Jill later this week (hopefully...we're also going to potty train her brothers...oye!)

Jill is determined to sit up. She loves watching her brothers and am pretty sure she's going to master sitting on her own in the near future. If she's propped up, she will pull herself up. This is also happening in the infant carrier/car seat. I'm not ready for her to want to sit up more than it allows...I thought it was bad when the boys outgrow theirs at 6 months!

Within the last week, we officially stopped swaddling Jill at night and she began doing 180s in her crib. Not only does this mean she's mobile, but that she's going to be a crazy sleeper like Alex. Kinda bummed she's not a snuggler like Tony, but that's no surprise since she will also put herself to sleep by sucking her two middle fingers on her right hand. A tad independent this one is.

Her teething was getting kind of bad...she was chewing her fist all afternoon, everyday for a week when I finally decided to try a Baltic amber teething necklace. Within 24 hours of putting it on, she stopped chewing her fist and started doing her finger sucking to sleep on her own. I'm a believer! She started drooling a bit this week, so I won't be surprised if she gets her first tooth within the next month. She was born with bulging gums, so I'm pretty sure she'll be beating Tony's early first tooth at 5 months.

She's been handling wedding week festivities and the disruption to her routine like a champ. The only time she'll really cry is if I miss getting her in her jammies at 7 (a time she has designated, not me). She has set her own schedule and I can pretty much tell time by's kind of awesome.

She started playing with toys and enjoying her fish jumper this week. She had a growth spurt last weekend and it was definitely noticed in her development, both physically and cognitively!  She's in her last week or two in 6 month clothes...I can't believe it! She's already outgrowing some stuff lengthwise and it's making me a little sad. And of course, she's in size 3 diapers. Baby girl has some junk in the trunk! 

Where the first 3 months with the boys were the hardest time for me, both because I was a new mom and because there were two of them, I am completely enjoying this fleeting time of Jill's infancy. She's definitely left the newborn stage and moved into babyhood already. She is an easy baby on top of my twin training, so it is rather often that we sort of forget she's there. When she does want to be held, I am never annoyed (thank you to my friends Ergo and Moby) because I know it won't be long at all until she's running around with her brothers.