Thursday, September 30, 2010

10th 300

10 is apparently the number of the week...tonight Striker bowled his 10th sanctioned 300 game! Sadly, Alex, Tony and I missed it. :(

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

10 Months

Not the age of the twinfants, but rather, the amount of time that it took me to wear out my BlackBerry Tour. Specifically the ability to scroll down, which it turns out, is required to do just about anything and everything.

Thanks to the insurance and the hubby I have a "new" Tour to wear out...the keys and the trackball are so nice and responsive. The hubby was nice enough to sync the old one with the new one while I watched The Biggest Loser on DVR. He's so good to me. Thanks Striker!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Given that Oktoberfest is the same month...

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Disneyland 'Halloween'

It's still September, but Mickey has already decorated for Halloween. Cheater ;)

Today we:
Rode Small World, Visited Toon Town, Rode the Haunted Mansion for Alex and Tony's first time, ate lunch at Hungry Bear Restaurant, Striker conquered the Tea Cups, and Striker and I rode Grizzly River Rapids in California Adventure.

Striker Conquered the Tea Cups!

Since I have known Striker he has claimed to get sick on the Tea Cups at Disneyland. Yet when we polka, he spins me just as fast as I've ever spun on the Tea Cups, so I've been a tad skeptical. And mocked him every time we went. Today, he got a wild hair and decided that we were going on them while Grandma walked around with the boys. And he liked it. And did not get sick. :)

Car Napping Kolbow Men

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Peanut Butter and Jelly

Oil and water. Salt and Pepper. Night and Day.

Over the last few weeks Alex and Tony have started to nap at completely different times and eat different foods in different ways. Alex has been sleeping through the night, but Tony has been getting up multiple times per night.

I've been rolling with their preferences, but couldn't figure out how to get Tony back to sleeping through the night. Yesterday I finally had an epiphany and all had a much better night of sleep.

To properly parent Alex:
-Wakes up between 6:30-7 AM
-Takes a morning and afternoon nap for a total of 2 hours...if broken up into smaller increments, he may take more to get his 2 hour total
-Goes to sleep at 7:30 PM
-Will only eat pureed/jars of baby food and MAYBE teething biscuits in addition to other words...feed him

To properly parent Tony (if last night was the magic combo):
-Wakes up at 7AMish
-Takes a nap almost exactly 2 hours after waking up, for an hour. Another nap 2 hours after that for about half an hour. Then an afternoon nap for an hour-hour and a half. Then maybe a pre-bedtime nap around 7 for half an hour.
-Bedtime around 9 PM
-REFUSES to let anyone except Mommy feed him and even that is conditional. Will NOT eat jarred food.

It might sound like complete chaos, but it actually works well and gives each kid one on one time.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fair Food

Round One: Funnel cake, frozen banana, cotton candy, caramel apple, hot fudge milk shake, Pink's chili cheese dog

I will totally be driving to Hollywood for a visit to Pink's!

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Triplets or a Third Kid

Either way, the Pilot does just fine!

Multiples Observation

When roaming the aisles of Costco yesterday with "Iowa" and her 5 1/2 month old daughter, several people asked if the 3 kids were triplets. Actually what they asked was "they aren't triplets are they?!" with looks of horror on their faces. Interesting difference from the usual question "twins?!" with smiles of excitement...usually. Triplet moms, kudos to you for dealing with THAT on a regular basis.

We're all headed to the fair today, so we might just roll with the triplet story for sport ;)

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Bowling in Bakersfield - Day 1

After once again packing the Pilot with loads of stuff, we headed off to Bakersfield. What's in Bakersfield you ask? Not much. Striker is bowling what will hopefully be a three day tournament and of course the munchkins and I tagged along. We're staying at the luxurious Holiday Inn Express. And by luxurious, I mean they have FOUR lounge chairs at their bath tub sized pool...which our room happens to overlook! The boys and I hung out in the room, watched Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune until the little guys passed I'm sitting here enjoying the free wifi until Striker is done around 11. Ah the excitement!

Halloween Costumes

After struggling to figure out what Alex and Tony's first Halloween costumes should be, I've got it!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy 9 Month Birthday!

Let's see, what's new since last month?

  • Size wise, they're about the same weight, though they are stretching out/their rolls are shrinking. I really need to measure would help tremendously if I'd just put up a growth chart in their room...
  • Just about all of their 12 Month jammies and shirts have been boxed up. Ditto all of their baby socks.
  • Love their bouncers and morning walks in BOB.

  • Gives High 5s pretty consistently now. Sometimes I'll get a High 10 in between bites when I'm feeding him...the kid loves his baby food, what can I say?
  • As for food, he prefers to be spoon fed the jars of pureed fruits, vegetables, grains, and meats. He'll eat anything we give him on a spoon. He can polish off a jar easily. He is not really a fan of teething biscuits, Cheerios, or rice puffs. He'll gnaw on fruit a bit, but only if he's in the mood.
  • Has his 2 bottom teeth..we'll be carving pumpkins to match for Halloween ;)
  • Stopped making smooshy face, but has become quite the ham for cameras
  • Will whine/fake cry when we take away something he wants or put him down when he wants to be held or if I leave the room and he wants to see me. He's a tad dramatic...definitely could be an actor when he grows up.
  • Has started showing interest in standing and holding himself up...walking, not so much
  • Frequently says "Ma", "Da", "Do" (dog), "Uh oh" (used in the correct in "uh oh, I just knocked something on the floor - for the 85th time")

  • Is getting so good at "walking" while we hold his hands and trying to pull himself up/take off, that I've made the prediction that he'll be walking by Halloween/11 months
  • Scoots around sitting upright. I really need to get that on video...
  • NOTHING makes him laugh more than doggies. It's the most adorable thing!
  • Still just has his 2 bottom teeth
  • Says "Ma-Mom" to everything...we're working on narrowing it down to just me...we're pretty much just down to those he loves most - me, Striker, Oskar, etc. He also babbles/yells pretty constantly. He also smacks his hands for emphasis...he's very passionate ;)
  • Would rather feed himself. Not a fan of being spoon fed, especially not meats or grains...he will however, eat, gnaw, bash into his tray: teething biscuits, bagels, puffs, Cheerios, whatever else I plop on his tray.

9 Month Birthday Party

Today was a whirlwind celebration for Alex and Tony's 9 Month Birthday!

We started our day with a walk with our friends Natasha and Chloe.

Then we went to the park with our Multiples friends. Tony swung on the swing, while Alex kept Jeannie was cold! (I'll update this with pictures when Jeannie sends them to me...she spoils me that way!)

Then we headed down to San Clemente to meet Liam and see Margot, Rachel, and Nathan. For the record, I took this picture with all 4 babies "looking" on the first try...clearly, I've had some practice with the "startle and snap" method. My two are also big hams! Today, Nathan turned 11 weeks and Nathan turned 8'd think we'd planned it that way or something...but nope, things just worked out that way!

These babies brought to you by an office supply company. ;)

Then we came home, ate dinner, jumped in their bouncers while Mommy baked cookies, then watched Jeopardy. Now it's bath time so I can write their "official" 9 Month Birthday post after they go to bed.

Fun day!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Holy Pancake!

This morning we went to check out Guasti Homestyle Cafe in Chino. We're having dinner at Northwoods Inn later for Auntie B's birthday, so we wanted to have a big brunch so that we'd be hungry for dinner. I got one pancake, ate half, and was full. It was HUGE and really yummy. We'll definitely be going back!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Big Brother vs Football

As if delaying a "LIVE" eviction episode for a PRESEASON game wasn't bad enough, the game ran long. Hello?! There are only 2 weeks of Big Brother left...this is like delaying the NFL Playoffs for the nomination episode in week 2. Sigh.

As a side note, I fear I may be getting sucked into football...first soccer, now football?! Who am I?! Is it hockey season yet?