Saturday, February 10, 2007

Possibly one of the coolest things ever...

Does loving this product make me strange?

Seriously...isn't it amazing?

The marketing could be a little better though...they show an old lady, but I think of other nail breaking, no early AM struggling, HUGE time saver, the list goes on...

Another trip to my least favorite place...

So when faced with the following dilemma, I made the wrong choice.

Go to Wal-Mart which is less than 5 miles from my house to get detergent
Go to Target which is aobut 15 miles away.

I opted for Wal-Mart and had the experience which will now begin my boycott of all Wal-Marts in the land.

Historically, WM is the one store that always has liquid Tide HE. Today they didn't. Having my emergency box of detergent at home, I decided that it wasn't a crisis, and would just pick up the blue fabric softener and head home. I'd visit Target tomorrow for a complete shopping trip and get the appropriate product then. No blue fabric softener...which I learned it Water Lily & Jasmine. Annoyed I grabbed the purple one - Vanilla & Lavender and prayed that it wouldn't be too girly.

I battle my way to the check out and go to pay with my debit card...on the screen is the following question: "Was the store clean today?" I literally burst out laughing. I selected "No" and was then allowed to continue with my transaction. Are they serious?

I get out to the parking lot and head to where I thought I'd parked. My car wasn't there. I'd remembered the butthead in a jalopy that had turned in front of me at the last minute stealing my spot. I head off to where I thought I'd ended up parking. My car wasn't there. I wandered around the parking lot for about 5 minutes until I found my car with the following thoughts running through my head:
-Did someone steal my car in the 10 minutes I was in the store?
-Are Kim1Champ's parking lot issues contagious?
-Did I really lose my car in the parking lot after only 10 minutes?
-(flash of the commercial where the old lady loses her car in the parking lot and relys on a recording device) Do I need to start recording where I park?
-How retarded do I look?!

Thankfully I found my car and returned home to write about my adventures at WM.


My loving husband, who is off every other Friday thanks to his 9/80 work schedule, typically does the laundry in our house - generally just clothes and towels. (He also cooks and takes care of our furries - the dog and cat). I am responsible for purchasing all necessary household items and I ALWAYS ask if he needs anything before I go shopping - this will be important later on. (I generally dislike shopping and tend to shop only when necessary.)

Being the wonderful husband that he is, the last load of laundry was just completed when he offered to run to Panda Express to pick up lunch (quite the Saturday tradition for us). I said that I would take it out, since I needed to wash all of the new bedding I got for our bedroom.

Since we are 99.9% not moving, I've begun the (re)decorating of our house. It's a bit of a hodge-podge right now and I'm going for a calming and neutral mix of blues and browns. Last weekend I used all of my LNT gift cards and purchased a mountain of new bedding in slate blue and chocolate brown.

But I digress...

I strip the old bedding from our bed and decide to wash the mattress pad first. I stick it in the washer and reach for the liquid detergent...empty. I sigh and pull out the drawer for my back up supply of powder that I know is there because I switched to liquid shortly after buying the washer and didn't bother to finish the powder. I saved it for an emergency such as this, or so I tell the pack-rat in myself. I reach for the fabric softener - the blue one that's a special scent -you know, one of the blue, purple, or pink ones - empty. I reach for the boring April Fresh bottle - also empty. I start laughing. While my darling husband does not return the milk carton to the fridge empty, apparently he is guilty in the laundry arena. Not wanting to postpone the start of this load, I hold both empty bottles upside down in hopes of getting just enough fabric softener to fill up the cup to "MIN".

It's my lucky day!!!! By combining both the April Fresh and special blue scent (I forget exactly what the combo of scents are - they just smell good!) I get just enough to start the load. YAY!!!

The husband returns and I ask him if he knew the bottles were empty. Our conversation goes something like this:
Wife: Did you know the detergent and fabric softener bottles were empty?
Husband: Yes, that's why I told you we needed more (true statement).
Wife: Why didn't you throw the bottles away then?
Husband: I thought you might be able to get a little bit more out of each bottle.
Wife: (I can't really argue since that is exactly what I just did.) Why didn't you tell me we needed more then?
Husband: I just did.

If my husband were the light that comes on when your car is low on gas, he would turn on right as the last drop of gas was being used. I love him!


It's been over a week...I'm sorry. I blame work...can't elaborate, but trust me, it's works fault!