Sunday, August 31, 2008

Job I Want

While watching coverage of Hurricane Gustav tonight with the hubby, I said that I wanted to be the person that named them. He said that they were prenamed on some sort of rotation, but only retired the major ones (which I knew). So I said I wanted to come up with the replacement names. Then he asked for my list. Anyone want to help me create my list?

Thought about it...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Bargain Alert!

We were in need of a carry on size suitcase to transport our souvenirs back home. We also needed a new SD card for our small camera since the one we had was full, and a replacement chapstick for the one that I'd somehow lost this morning. Of course Target is one of the few places where we could get this random trio of items. Our bargain buy was the carry on for a whopping $9.99!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

BBB #10.21

I cannot wait to go home and watch Tuesday's episode after Queen B's guest post and the recap on tonight's episode.

Ollie's explosion did not help him or Michelle. LOVE that he brought back Evel Dick's music.

I am back on the Keesha bandwagon. Thank God she won the first HOH and not Jerry!

Still loving Dan too! He ROCKED the Veto competition, not that Jerry or Ollie were much competition.

Poor Ollie didn't stand a chance! At least he can go continue his showmance with April. I wonder if they will last the 3 weeks until the finale.


Not a lot to report today. We slept in late and I read a book all day. We finally showered and went to dinner.

Again, I wondered, why do people in PA pronounce water, wurter?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This is today's WITWAWAJ, but I have a theory that my WITWAWAJ subjects are what is holding up my posts. As you all know, I am impatient, so I'm willing to sacrifice my consistency for timely posting.

Today we visited: Times Square, Central Park, WTC, Rockefeller Center, Madison Square Garden, Trump Tower, and the Empire State Building! For those of you that are following along with my facebook updates, you know that I hate heights. Yet, just like I made the hubby conquer his fear of driving in NYC (briefly), I faced my fear and went up to the 86th floor and took lots of pictures - I just didn't look straight down.

We had dinner with a friend at a diner and picked up a few souvenirs, and now we are on our way back to PA and a day of R&R tomorrow. It's the 7th day of our vacation, time to rest!


Today we ran through our nations capitol and saw just about everything. More pictures will follow upon my return, but we concluded our day with my "little sister" Kim, whom you might remember from my post about my other "little sister's" wedding at the beginning of the month. She took us to her favorite neighborhood bar & grill and I finally got a nice salad after having hot dogs for lunch the last 2 days. Thanks Kim! Safe traveling this weekend!

Random vacation update

1) mobiley posting is taking FOREVER! I'm sending them, they just aren't going up quickly.

2) the nicest bathrooms that I've been in on our entire vacation this far are on the 80th floor of the empire state building. Auto flush, seat covers!, auto water, foam soap, AND paper towels!

3) BBM and blogging are great ways to pass the time while waiting in line. It is also helping to prevent me from smacking the bratty kid behind me. Parents please control your children! Not everyone thinks it's cute when a 10 year old boy grabs their leg or rear!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BBB 10.20 - Hijacked by Queen B!!!

Tonight's Big Brother Blog is brought to you by Queen B, today's official surrogate blogger extraordinaire...

Love how Dan refers to him and Memphis as the "secret renegade alliance." He is so dramatic! Also, do you think he's going to wear the same "Taken" t-shirt for the rest of his time in the house?

Not sure why Dan is like half keeping his agreement with Ollie. I don't understand why he's not thinking of putting Ollie up if the POV gets used. They would have the votes to get him out. The way he's doing it, he's going to make a big enemy out of Ollie. The double elimination is definitely going to throw a wrench in things.

Jerry's quote in discussion with Ollie and Michelle: "we all have to win it (the POV)." Uh, usually there is not a 3-way tie.

These women cry so darn much. At least Keesha has the class to shed quiet tears, unlike Renny and Michelle and their incoherent sobbing. Oh, I spoke too soon. Jerry is also a crier. Dan? Ollie? Your turn? Yay, since I took over the blog, I get to say nice things about Keesha!

(Phone ringing, ringing, ringing) Michelle: "the phone is ringing. do we answer it? do we answer the phone?" hmmmm, no. I bet the producers thought it would make for a good episode to just have the annoying ringing for the full hour. Pick up the phone already!

Glad Jerry got the phone call. But wondering... after the husband and I have been married for 50 years or something, do you think we'll have the exact same voice? Man, all I was thinking about when he was talking to his wife was about how he touched April's boob. Ew.

Wow, Keesha looks pretty in her blue/white shirt.

Ooh, I love puzzle contests! Dan is so funny... "going into this competition, I don't want to win." That sentence sums him up in every game so far!

Wow, Keesha is a good puzzler and sure knows how to wear a spacesuit! Actually, Memphis kinda looked hot as an astronaut. (insert "you can land on my moon any day" joke here)

Oh, no, Jerry's "life is on the line" with POV! I didn't know they executed the losers in BB! Hmmm, Jerry, not sure how helpful crossword puzzles are in the context of giant, space-themed put-together puzzles but nice try.

Ha @ Memphis on Michelle: "even if she's a friend, she's still a b!tch." What kind of friends does he have?!

Dan: "obviously no one needs to know," he says to a room full of people as he spills secrets.

I actually kinda like Ollie. I'm sad that he's getting screwed in this deal. If the preacher's son can't trust the Catholic school teacher, who can you trust? :(

Man, Dan is crazy to be implementing this game at the veto meeting. Don't get where he's going with this. Why does he think there will be fireworks when everyone knows that he's coordinating this stupid game? LOL, Keesha does not look happy at the game. Wow, what a messed up game. Dan did not make a friend on this whole thing. Why did he not just talk Memphis into not using the veto? They could have gotten Jerry out, no major waves. Eh, well, I guess it's about time the show got a little more exciting! Ollie is not a happy camper... poor guy. First his girlfriend goes, then he gets screwed.

Monday, August 25, 2008


This is Will before he consumed almost the entire cheesesteak purchased from a cart on the sidewalk. We went to see: the liberty bell, independence hall, Betsy Ross House, US Mint, Washington Square and tomb of the unknown soldiers. Our feet hurt, but it was fun! We are now eating dinner at a Cracker Barrel in Maryland en route to DC. More to come on CB later. Thanks to QB for attempting to navigate is to the closest one before we saw the billboard!


What is this and why is it significant in US history?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

BBB 10.19

Dan's deal is either genius or stupid. We shall see....

He totally played Renny with the fake show of emotion. LOVE it!

Memphis has lost a lot of weight. But I hate his v-necks.

Dan strategizing with himself in the HOH room was great. Do parents ever offer the same advice?

Not loving the nomination speech. Let's just hope Jerry does something stupid or Dan is going home next week.

WITWAWAJ? Intercourse

Intercourse, Pennsylvania of course!

Today we went to Gettysburg and visited the American Civil War Museum and then did an audio auto tour. They offer the auto tours in various cities but I highly recommend having a skilled navigator with you because it's impossible to maintain the average speed that they recommend. More pictures to come when we get home next week, but let's just say that only one of us climbed the 75 foot tower and it wasn't me!

Then we headed off towards Intercourse, PA where we saw several buggies, but alas everything was closed since it's Sunday.

On the way to Intercourse, we stumbled across The Christmas Haus which features glass ornaments from Germany. A cute little German lady runs it out of the front of her house. Several ornaments were purchased. We saw several other Christmas stores - apparently the PA Dutch love Christmas as much as I do!

We are now racing back to the timeshare to try and catch Big Brother! We are on track to arrive back at 8:30, wish us luck!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

WITWAWAJ? Hazleton by way of Hershey

The hubby and I made it down to Hershey and we were in chocolate heaven. However, I only ate 1 Bliss as we were leaving the factory tour. The super long line for ice cream deterred the hubby, but we did buy chocolate for our coworkers.

On the way back we stopped in Hazleton which is a petty big town for this part of PA, as evidenced by the Staples store. I asked the hubby how different he thought our lives would be if we had grown up in Hazleton and he said, "not much. There is a Staples next to a bowling alley."

WITWAWAJ? Scranton

The drive from Cleveland to our timeshare in the Poconos yesterday wa nice and uneventful. Mostly just drove through green forest and hills, totally beautiful.

The resort is really nice, quiet, and private. It's right next to a huge lake and Will wishes we'd brought our boat as a carry on. ; )

When we got here yesterday we went grocery shopping as our condo has a full kitchen. The hubby got bacon and eggs to make for breakfast and I just raised an eyebrow. The last thing I was going to do was cook on vacation!

We went to the pool, napped, and then went to bed.

This morning the hubby got up and started breakfast. Shortly thereafter the smoke detector started going off and people started swarming outside. The hubby opened the door while I began waving a magazine in front of the smoke detector and yelled down to the owners "it's okay, I just burned some bacon". Poor hubby! It's hard to cook on an electric stove!

We headed off to Scranton to do the official Office tour. We went to Farley's pub for lunch and I had a taco salad. It just sounded good!

We are most likely heading down to Hershey now. After Will finishes his slice of cheesecake. I only had 3 bites :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

BBB 10.18

Julie Chen's wardrobe department did a better job with basic black tonight.
I love the drama that Dan's veto speech caused.

Poor April and her pitty party. She does dishes and bakes cakes, wow that's valuable!

I also love that Dan is yet again the swing vote.

The segment on the showmance further proved it's just a showmance. And what is with Ollie's phobia of birds?

Renny had a bad hair night. And her lipstick is back.

April was almost likable in her speech. I missed Jerry's due to a coughing fit and we didn't have time to back it up.

Why does everyone keep voting with the house? It's not like anyone thinks it's how they wanted to vote. Now we're going to have to watch Ollie mope all week.

CRAP! An endurance HOH when I have to get on a plane and can't watch After Dark!


Two major topics came to mind while Mr Pearl was safely stowed in the off position in my carry-on.

1) Small yappy dogs should NOT be brought onto a red eye flight.

2) I was talking with a friend yesterday about a conversation she had with her husband. He'd commented that both she and her 1 year old daughter could fall asleep anywhere at just about any time of day if they were tired enough. Her 4 year old son and husband? Not so much.

Historically, I always steal the window seat when I fly with the hubby. On this trip I allowed him to have the window since he was going to drive the first leg on our way to PA once we landed at 6:30 AM this morning.

It was a waste of a window seat! He slept as little as I did, whereas I can sleep anywhere if I have a place to lay my head down, I struggle in a middle seat. Don't get me wrong, I still got a few hours, but it was broken up into not more than 30 minute increments.

My question is: is it a woman thing to be able to sleep anywhere?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

BBB 10.18

Julie Chen's wardrobe department did a better job with basic black tonight.
I love the drama that Dan's veto speech caused.

Poor April and her pitty party. She does dishes and bakes cakes, wow that's valuable!

I also love that Dan is yet again the swing vote.

The segment on the showmance further proved it's just a showmance. And what is with Ollie's phobia of birds?

Renny had a bad hair night. And her lipstick is back.

April was almost likable in her speech. I missed Jerry's due to a coughing fit and we didn't have time to back it up.

Why does everyone keep voting with the house? It's not like anyone thinks it's how they wanted to vote. Now we're going to have to watch Ollie mope all week.

CRAP! An endurance HOH when I have to get on a plane and can't watch After Dark!

Where in the World Are Will and Jenn? (WITWAWAJ)

Today begins a new series that will document our vacation - WITWAWAJ. Say it, it's fun!

We're leaving on a red eye tonight for Cleveland and return home VERY late on Labor Day. Here is our tentative itinerary:

-Arrive in Cleveland and drive to PA
-Stay at timeshare in PA
-Visit DC, NYC, Philly, Hershey, Gettysburg, Scranton, and stalk Jon & Kate + 8. Basically a geeky tour of historical places.
-Drive back to OH for our annual Labor Day weekend event.

We will be doing a lot of driving and visiting a LOT of different places, so I will no doubt have lots of material. I will mobiley blog and comment while the hubby drives, but I apologize that I will be behind on BBBs.

However, I will BBB about tonight's episode from my in law's house before they take us to the airport. Oh yes, we planned it that way :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BBB 10.17

It really bothered me that April was wearing a green and white sweatshirt, black and pink shirt, and had a yellow ribbon in her hair. With all the time she spends looking in the mirror you'd think she'd match.

Jerry talking to himself is HYSTERICAL. I wonder if it was strategy or just him being Jerry...

Leave it to Jerry to pull Ollie's name for POV.

I really like Memphis. I think I have a tendency to say I like someone different each day I'll go back and check - unless someone else does so first :) Still like Dan too!

YAY for Dan winning POV...BTW I would have won too! I'm a good guesser at visual things. :)

Did Jerry really think Dan would use the Veto on him after calling him Judas all last week? Oh crap. Leave it to Dan to rationalize that keeping Jerry would eliminate his only real enemy. Not to mention that Ollie is more of the quiet threat, oh crap!

Jerry's apology to Dan was just a tad too late. April being syrupy sweet made me gag.

Oh thank goodness! Dan didn't do anything stupid.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

BBB 10.16

How funny is it that Jerry's always a third wheel with April and Ollie?

Renny's sobbing when she got into her HOH room...odd. Not what I expected at all.

April's poodle in the hot tub...HYSTERICAL!

Never claim a showmance to be a real romance when you're on the show. How long until April and Ollie hate each other after the show's over?

I like the pairing of Michelle and Renny...

The food competition was NASTY! Michelle is totally growing on me as Keesha becomes more annoying. Lollipops and slop...yum!

Ollie's bird phobia...also hysterical.

Holy crap, Ollie started playing the game this week!

LOVE Renny's nominations - I don't care who goes home as long as it's April or Jerry. :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Olympics Trivia

I've been missing out! Today the hubby showed me channels 750-756 on DirecTV which are dedicated Olympics channels. Because they are HD and my TV that I tivo all of my shows on us not HD, I was unaware that they offered daily Olympics trivia. I answered 7/10 questions correctly today. I can't wait for tomorrow's questions!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

BBB 10.15

I think Julie Chen's wardrobe person dressed Dan tonight.

Libra mocking Jerry's game play and Renny knocking Jerry's character...warranted!

Loved Dan's victory speech in the diary room. Seriously, I want him to win. He's like Eric Jr. His aligning with Memphis makes me happy.

Have I mentioned that April is annoying?

I still cannot comprehend how Libra left her twins, but at least they showed that she has missed them and talked about them. It made me dislike her a little less.

BTW, I loved that it was CA vs. TX for eviction tonight ;)

Which was brighter: Dan's shirt or Renny's lipstick?

YIPPEE LIBRA IS GONE!!! And she has to go sit in the Jury House by herself. But seriously, unanimous evictions are BORING!

BBB 10.14

At least Libra understood why she was nominated.

Jerry figured out that Dan was America's Player. ARGH! His extreme dislike for Dan and desire to "punish him" got a little old.

April is getting really annoying.

POV - Whoever thought of this game was kinda creative. Libra's an idiot. "The bigger the chunk the more weight the onions would have"?! Is that sorta like the question, which weighs more: 10 pounds of bricks or 10 pounds of feathers? Memphis' onion necklace was almost better than the red unitard...almost.

Did anyone understand Jerry's cow analogy?

I hope Memphis was drunk before he gave his toast. Otherwise, he's just a terrible speaker. Libra's comments were classic Libra. I'm also hoping that Renny was drunk when she said Libra was an amazing mother. Michelle totally blew Libra's comment about Keesha kissing up to April for designer clothes out of proportion.

In case you were wondering: scallywag I'll let you decided which definition Ollie was implying.

For instant cat fight, just add alcohol. Michelle, Keesha, April, and Libra going at it in the HOH room. So SQUEAKY!! Loved Memphis' quick escape. Loved Dan's benefit dinner. :)

I am a little surprised that Jerry didn't take Keesha or Libra off in hopes of Dan going up.


Think Happy Thoughts, Say a Little Prayer, and Cross Your Fingers because...we got an application for a renter on our Mo Val house and we really need to get a renter in there.

Thanks! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We haven't had a good round of "Guess the Acronym" in awhile...I'll give you 24 hours to guess. :)

Cutest 9 month old on the planet!!!

That's Madeline in case you were wondering. :)

I went to see Bianka and Maddie last night after work for a tour of their new house - which now has a washer, dryer and dishwasher, still no fridge or kitchen sink though! I'm not sure where John was...hmmm... But I digress...

We were sitting outside and Maddie was crawling around on the patio (it's very smooth concrete, I promise) when Bianka asked if I wanted to see Maddie play on the grass. The pictures below are not of her walking or crawling, but rather the way she poses to avoid touching the grass (or to touch it as little as possible).

She resists putting her feet down unless she is forced to. When she does, she only puts one foot down and does everything in her power to keep the other foot off of the grass.
When put down on the grass on all fours, she teetors on opposing knee and hand, frozen.

How cute is she?! I don't think she was pleased that we made her do this experiment twice since Mr. Pearl was having issues and needed his battery removed.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

BBB 10.13

I love me a good BB fight!

I love Dan! He's got a good game going.

April is so fake and so kissing Michelle's butt!

Jerry is such a hypocrite. He did the same thing Dan did with his military garb. Let it go! Everyone lies in this game and breaks their word.

Jerry's love for Janelle...EWWWWW!!!!

YAY for Chicken George finally winning something on BB!

Have I mentioned that I despise Libra?

I'm so happy that Libra and Keesha are up! Libra HAS to go home this week!

Don't You Want to Come to the Lake with Us?

Anchoring the boat sometimes poses a challenge. Especially when the current pushes the boat away from the buoy. Enter KFuj, who as a swim instructor had the credentials required to swim towards the buoy while dragging the boat.

Thanks KFuj!!!

BTW, there was an incident with the trailer yesterday. While driving the boat off of the trailer I broke one of the 2 boards that the boat sits on. This resulted in a three hour expedition by the hubby and his friend Mikael to make a replacement. The girls went out and played on the boat while the boys fixed the trailer. :) I've now mastered driving the boat onto the trailer, I just need to work on getting it off...I think the hubby needs to pull a little farther into the water and I'll be good to go!

Friday, August 8, 2008

BBB 10.12

Not much to say here...Jessie's gone and Michelle's HOH. This should be an interesting week and thankfully the house is now split so this should make things way more entertaining!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Have You Seen This Girl?

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Four years of marital bliss have included:

  • Three moves
  • I just can't bring myself to count cars...oh alright, 4 new cars...I think
  • Three different jobs for the hubby
  • 1 major surgery for me
  • Countless doctors appointments and tests
  • 2 permanent medications
  • Lots of bowling, softball, and water sports
  • 3 furry additions to the family
  • Countless scavenger hunts for misplaced items
  • Countless hours spent blogging
  • Thousands of discrete (and some times not-so-discrete) photos
  • A few nice long relaxing vacations (with another coming up soon!)
  • Lots of time spent with our family and friends
  • 1 stupid nickname ;)
  • Lots of love, laughter, and fun
I love you Bunny! :) There's no one else I'd rather spend forever with!

And now the story behind this photo: There is an alleged German tradition (or so I was told) that at weddings right before midnight they dress the bride in an apron and scarf and hand her a broom. Of course this tradition does not take into account the fact that I intended to hire a cleaning lady and quite simply hate cleaning. Being the sharing spouse that I am, I generously allowed the hubby to have the Haus Frau (House Wife) apron and broom.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This Post's for The Hubby

As I've probably mentioned a million times, the hubby misplaces things on a regular basis and - thankfully - I have a visual memory, so I tend to remember where I last saw the item in question. I admit, I often mock/torture him in the process. :)

Yesterday I had a moment where I thought that I'd lost my credit card (that I never use except for online purchases). I couldn't find it anywhere in my purse that I thought I'd put it. I alerted the hubby to my slight panic. It hadn't been used since June, so I didn't think I'd lost it anywhere in public.

This morning I had the epiphany that it was in my wristlet in my purse. Yep, there it was! And so, this is me making fun of myself :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

BBB 10.11

I was intrigued by the fight instantly! I hope it's worth the hype in the opening preview.

I totally love Michelle sometimes! Duh, the pawn always goes home!

Dan hugging Jessie and the whole story that he construed, Jessie's reaction, PRICELESS!!!! I LOVED that Dan smiled at the camera after 10 seconds.

Libra must go!!! Even if April is a B.

Watching BB without the aid of TiVo is not pleasant. I'm not patient!!!

MEMPHIS: "This is why America, this is why you put 30-year-old women in the house. They go crazy!"

The fight WAS pretty good. Again, I sorta love Michelle. The voice of reason, yet again.

What's the best way to follow up 3 months away from your small children? A letter from home? NOPE! A Hawaiian vacation for TWO! Way to go Libra, you've stooped to a new low.

For KFuj, and Ruth Anne, now that the Twilight saga has ended :) - BB is on Sundays at 8, Tuesdays at 9, and Thursdays at 8 on CBS.

BBB 10.10

This is really late getting posted...

Dan is a bad actor and is totally going to get himself caught. I think I'd want to be his friend in real life though. He has an Eric-like quality to him. I did like his motivational speeches - I sorta want to carry him around in my purse and bring him out when I need motivation. (That was random!)

Jessie annoys me like CRAZY!!! Such a sore loser! His tears for Michelle and the way he took care of her were almost redeeming...almost...

Since I watch After Dark whenever there is a HOH competition that is an endurance, I knew who won on Thursday. Why the heck did it need to last HALF of the show?

Does Keesha always befriend the losers? Steven, Memphis...

Impressive that April figured out that Dan was America's Player...I didn't think she had it in her :)

Memphis and Jessie - interesting predicament that April put herself in...

Lil Fuj is All Grown Up!

Congratulations Jenn & Kevin!!!Yes, we were as tired as we looked....
Two of my little sisters (missed you Kimmie!) - yes, Kevin is tall, but they are also that short :)
Our traditional wedding picture...
...and yes, the KFuj's fought over who got the middle...
I love this picture with my mom and sister...

Busy Weekend

I'm exhausted still, but here's a picture of Mr and Mrs KFuj to hold you over. (Sorry, Kat I'm working on the pictures from the real camera. This was on Mr Pearl)

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happiness is...

Giving your name to the order taker as Jennifer, and then having her shorten it to Jenn with 2 N's.