Thursday, September 20, 2012

Jillian @ 7 Months

Oh this baby girl! She has her bottom 2 teeth and likes food as long as she can feed it to herself. She wants no part of me spoon feeding her and refuses to open her mouth. She will feed herself purees from pouches...she's just a little messy in doing so. She also eats rice rusks, puffs, and pretty much anything her brothers are eating if I let her have some. She loves peach and banana...despises apple. Complete opposite of her brothers at this age.

Jill has just started wearing 18 month jammies due to length. I'm forcing her to remain in 12 month clothes as long as possible since we are "hopefully" at the end of summer. Her hair is almost long enough for me to try a small, lightweight bow.

She's mobile. Awkwardly crawling, but getting where she wants to go. She is such a happy baby. Rarely cries or fusses unless she is hungry or tired or frustrated that she can't do something she wants to. Nicknames include: Bean, Jilly Goat, and B (short for Bean).