Monday, April 23, 2007

I pissed off God

Ok, clearly I pissed off God...that or I'm being severely punished for something...

I am leaving for the Dominican Republic on May 14th (NOT punishment) - guess what I received in the mail today? A Jury Summons guessed it, May 14th. This was the point at which I officially decided that God is mad at me and decided to write this blog.

Will said that maybe God is mad at me for not blogging for so long and that he was going to keep throwing things at me until it drove me to blog. He won!

Let us recap last week:
Monday - The boss is out of town, not only do I start getting sick, but I call Dr. M about the letter I received with the results of the x-rays of my back and the IDIOT receptionist refuses to give me the "permission slip" to have the MRI that is recommended in the letter they mailed to my house. She said that I absolutely HAD to come in and see the doctor before they'd give me the slip. I argued with her and explained that I did not have another hour and a half to waste waiting in the waiting room/exam room before the doctor got around to seeing me. (That happened on the 4th and I was still QUITE bitter 12 days later). "No exceptions" she said, so I said, "Good Bye". I call the chiropractor, Dr. J, that my mom, aunt AND uncle all go to. The receptionist there answers after 1 ring (not after 5 minutes of hold music like at Dr. M's office) - I state that I am a new patient and would like a Saturday appointment. She offers me that Saturday at noon and I about fall over at the difference in service. I schedule the appointment and hope that things will continue to go as well.

Tuesday - I wake up feeling miserable and know that MM who was getting sick at exactly the same time I was the prior day, had to be feeling as crappy as I was and would undoubtedly be calling in sick. This is extra bad, because MM is covering for another person and is in effect like having 2 people out. Also bad, because the boss was still out of town and would be for the remainder of the week. I drag myself to work. Allow me to remind you that the boss is out of town and this is a very bad thing. I cannot elaborate further as this is a public blog, but trust me it's bad.

Wednesday - Let's just say that I can't talk/stop coughing and there is a team meeting where the 2 people that coordinated the meeting are not there.

Thursday - One more manager down, leaving sick me and the manager with undisclosed issues. I decide that I cannot bear to bring myself to attend bowling (partially in fear of bowling an even lower game than my 46 of the prior week - if that's even possible) and head home. My father in law calls me about 9:45 PM and tells me that his mother is in the hospital and isn't expected to make it through the night. The hubby doesn't have his cell with him (he forgets it pretty frequently, but it's part of his charm) so I have to wait until he gets home from his bowling league. I tell him what's going on and he decides to go to the hospital to see her and be there for his dad, despite his parents insistance that we shouldn't come since "there's nothing we could do". We decide that since I am hacking up a lung it might not be a good idea for me to go to the hospital and potentially infect the poor sick people with more sickness.

Friday - I am all alone with 45 freaks after 2:00 PM...mind you I'm sick, my back is killing me, and I'm supposed to be going to the Quakes game if the rain stops. It continues raining, the hubby doesn't want to go to the Quakes game and I'm entering severe depression/need to find something to wear to EHW's birthday extravaganza on Saturday. Answer? Retail therapy. I find out that EHW's grandma is in the hospital too. :(

Saturday - I go to the chiropractor. He reads the x-ray report and confirms that my back is royally screwed up and can't be "fixed" - basically all I can do is manage the pain. He suggests I consider a reduction and I start crying. Actually this is good news, because it means that I am not a wimp and that there's stuff I can do to feel better. He does a couple of things and my back actually feels good. I need to go to a new primary care doctor and get an MRI before he can do more. I go to EHW's birthday extravaganza...lots of people are late and EHW is worried about her grandma. :(

Sunday - I lay on the couch all day because I did too much crap on Saturday and never rested while I was sick. Will's grandma dies around 7:30 PM. This means that not only will the big boss be in town for training this week, but I will have to miss work for the funeral. In addition I need to ask my boss for vacation time. And let him know about my back drama and need to schedule doctor's appointments and MRIs. I have to share details so he doesn't think I'm pregnant.

Monday - Yep went as poorly as planned (but got the vacation time approved!) Picked up my kitchen island from the UPS Customer Center - yes that's right, UPS allegedly attempted delivery 3 times during crappy week...Will went to pick up on Friday but it didn't fit in his car, so we had to drive to San Bernardino and pick it up. Got home and found the Jury Summons in the mailbox.