Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Who needs a spleen?

Thanks to my Sister News Alert Service, I was made aware of Sean Avery's medical emergency. Thankfully one does not need their spleen.

Had I heard the Daily News report first, I might have gone into cardiac arrest.

Sean Avery, please come back to the Kings. More accurately, LA Kings, please bring Sean Avery back!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Blackberry Here I Come!

As a result of Kim1Champ's petition (and the fact that I kept badgering him repeatedly for several months), I received the following email from my hubby this morning:

Dear Beautiful, Intelligent, Talented, and Persistant Wife of Mine (okay, so I added that part myself, sue me):
I am about to make your day… Right now, we have unlimited text at 29.99 and then a 1 MB plan for MediaNet at 4.99 on our AT&T plan. The unlimited data plan is $35.00 per month. I am going to switch us to the unlimited plan, which will only cost us 2 cents more per month. Now, you can get your Blackberry and it won’t cost us any more money. The only downfall is that you have to pay the full price for it ($300).

Love, The Most Wonderful Husband on the Planet! (I added that part too!) :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bowling Geek?

While watching tonight's episode of House, I called to the hubby in the other room and told him that Chase was using the same ball he does. He came rushing into the room so he could see, and then said "It is." Sounds like the wife was right yet again.

And yet again, the wife was right when the hubby beat Vince Wood yesterday during the really complicated double elimination bracket. I wasn't there to see it though. I'll let you guess the reason that I missed it:

A) I was there, trying to take a picture and mobiley blog, when Vince Wood had me kicked out for trying to take his picture.
B) I drove all the way to work (30 miles) one way, only to be locked out.
C) I went to Pickle's birthday brunch because I always choose food over watching the hubby bowl.
D) I stayed home to do laundry because I'm working next weekend.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Nicole!

I'm glad that we've become friends now that we're grown up. I love you Sistor!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Pickle!

Enjoy a glass (or two) of your Cupcake Cabernet while looking into your new mirror!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Adult Signature Required

I ordered a few bottles of wine from the winery we visited last month for my birthday. It was delivered today with the label below. exactly does the UPS guy determine if the recipient is intoxicated or not? (I missed the signing as someone else signed for it.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Possibly the end of my morning stop at Starbucks - meet the beautiful chai latte produced by my new Tassimo! So easy to use, the hubby is making his own cup of coffee this morning and the grounds won't even grow a science experiment!

Are you with me?

I've decided to create a team for the Relay for Life Event in Chino this summer.

Who: Me and a group of people who want to be a part of what promises to be a great experience to benefit a good cause - The American Cancer Society - the more the merrier!

What: It's a 24 hour event that includes walking/running (we all take turns - hence the relay - with at least one person on the track at all time), games and entertainment, lunch, dinner, and breakfast, and of course a little camping! As a member you will help collect donations and help out the team.

When: August 2-3 9:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Where: Ayala Park in Chino - This is literally down the street from my house and I'm offering deluxe accommodations at Kolbow Bed & Breakfast for anyone that might need to travel in from out of the area the day before :)

Why: Who doesn't know someone whose life has been affected by some type of cancer?

Let me know if you'd like to join my team and I'll send you more details. I'd love for everyone that reads my blog to participate!

P.S. And Jenn, I know that the 3rd is your wedding - don't worry I didn't forget. I wouldn't miss it for the world!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008


While I spend a good amount of time on my blog poking fun at the hubby, he's always a good sport about it. This is one of the times when I will congratulate him (I know, I know, miracles do happen). :)

He's been bowling really well lately - probably a result of his new equipment and the fact that he bowls every chance he gets - which means 3 league nights a week in addition to various tournaments on weekends. I went to watch him bowl the USBC Open Masters Tournament in San Bernardino on Saturday. The entire story can be found here on the hubby's blog. Be sure to read the last paragraph a few times :)

This morning waiting for me in my Inbox was an email from the hubby with this link. WHOO HOO!!! And yes, I spelled it the WAMU way, even though very few things irk me more. :)

He bowls next Sunday in some complicated double elimination final. His goal is to beat Vince Wood. Why you ask? Because when we walked into the bowling alley on Saturday he said, "We might as well pack up and go home. Vince Wood is bowling."

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Mr. KFuj!!!

I know Scott is going to be THRILLED that I referred to him as Mr. KFuj. :) Just another step in Kat's world domination! :)

And holy cow - we've known each other almost 22 years!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

How is this even possible?

Required Reading can be found here.

Questions & Highlights:
- Understatement of the year: "...he must have obviously been extremely small..."
- Perhaps the thief just stuck his arm through the flap and opened the door?
- It's anatomically impossible to have a head that small...and if it's not, wouldn't it be REALLY easy to catch the guy (or girl)?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

This Post is For Rachel

Only she knows why. :) I will neither confirm or deny any and all speculations.

However, for the rest of y'all...
We went to Dream Dinners tonight and Rachel got to test out my "fold the bag over for the Alfredo" trick. She found that it also works extremely well with the Marinara.

I learned something from her too...when making the chicken enchiladas, she folded them more like burritos and they fit into the pan much more easily and efficiently. The other ladies that were waiting for me to finish, saw me do this after Rach and were impressed as well.

I absolutely CANNOT wait for May! The menu looks quite tasty, with lots of new and tasty meals. I ordered a ton of servings...they just all looked so good!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Type A?

You can take a test here.

Oddly enough, I only scored 58. I blame the bowling question :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol

After Michael Johns left Idol last week, I was distraught. Not only was he talented, but he's also easy on the eyes. And yes, the hubby was rather pleased when he was voted off (other than the fact that he had him in the top 4 of his AI Pool at work) :)

However, David Cook has been steadily growing on me. Tonight, without MJ's distraction, I thoroughly enjoyed David's version of possibly one of the most annoying Mariah Carey songs ever recorded. He's my new favorite. And please, let this week be the week that Kristy Lee Cook goes home!

Conquering Access

I consider myself fairly adept at figuring out pretty much all computer programs. I never read instructions and avoid training sessions at all costs. Generally, I find all Microsoft Office programs user-friendly, as they all use similar commands, etc.

And then there is Access...

I pretty much NEVER use Access and might have only been exposed to it one semester in college in conjunction with Excel. Outside of that, I don't know anyone except accountants that use it on a regular basis. And clearly, I am not an accountant - though it helps that I married one :)

Some genius at my work decided to create one form (that we use on a daily basis) in Access that involves importing an Excel file. While I can mail merge and import data with the best of them, I continually struggle with this file in Access. The good news is that our Admin typically does this for us, so I never have to do it. Unless she's out sick...and it's my month to cover for her...which is April...and she's been out sick the last 2 days.

By some miracle yesterday I was able to get the stupid forms to print, although I had no idea how. Today I faced the daunting task again. After fighting with it for a good 15-20 minutes, I conquered the task!!! I should even be able to repeat the process tomorrow! :)

Monday, April 14, 2008

Your CA Tax Dollars at Work

You'll need to click on it to read it, but Teen Driving Safety Week is April 14-18. I hope this is more successful than LA's recent Murder Moratorium...

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Rumors Are True...

Queen B and I have started a joint blog. The first post explains all the background, so read all about it: Oh Yes, We Did!BTW, no babies for me. I will enjoy vicariously through the other HCBC members!Oh, and just to ease any nerves about the time commitment required to incorporate another blog into your busy lives, we will only be posting on Tuesdays and Thursdays. At least, that's the plan!
Things you don't want to hear at a mortuary...We can't find him.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


An announcement is coming...any guesses? Queen B, you can't play!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

HCBC Family Tree

This is for Bianka...and anyone else that has ever wondered how we all "know" each other and came to be the HCBC.

In the beginning, there was LoSpace - book club & radiology friend of Jane and Jane's first exposure to blogland (First Post: September 29, 2006) and Kim1Champ - coworker and BFF of Jane (September 30, 2006).

Kim1Champ (and Jane) begot the Two Historians Photo Blog (November 27, 2006).

Kim1Champ begot Queen B - coworker and virtual friend (December 2, 2006), Rachel Made Me Do This - coworker of the infamous Rachel aka Kim1Champ's sister (January 23, 2007), Jane (February 2, 2007), and The World in My Eyes - Kim1Champ's BFF from high school (January 28, 2008).

Random Thoughts - coworker of Kim1Champ and Jane, not sure how she came to blog (January 25, 2007).

Rachel Made Me Do This begot Bianka's Baby Blog - friend stolen from the hubby (February 23, 2007), Pickle - coworker and friend of Rachel (November 4, 2007), and KFuj - friend stolen from Kat's hubby (February 6, 2008).

Jane begot Skinner Family News - sisters (April 12, 2007), Happy Bunny - daughter (June 3, 2007), REM327 - daughter (also June 3, 2007), Look For the Brighter Side - cousin (January 27, 2008), and Nanifestos - you know, I'm not quite sure on the relationship here...? (February 24, 2008).

Teri's Thoughts found Kim1Champ on the Christmas Blog and the rest is history... (June 11, 2007)

The HCBC was officially formed June 12, 2007.

Thanks to Jane for aiding in the historical accuracy of this account :) And if I missed something, or was not quite right, I apologize.

Idol Gives Back

Who knew Teri Hatcher could sing? I was rather impressed with her version of Carrie Underwood's "Before He Cheats".

Monday, April 7, 2008

Sydney is HERE!!!

7.6 lbs, 21 inches...that's all I know right now...Thanks to Rachel for forwarding the details to us and Pickle for forwarding to my email when my cell phone wasn't cooperating. Sorry for introducing the world to Sydney before you could KT, but I thought that Queen B and Ruth Anne were going to explode without some details. I'll leave the rest to you.

CONGRATS THOMAS & EVANS FAMILIES!!!! RO Kim1Mama for texting while laboring!!! (I wish that Kim1Mama was my genius, in fact, it was the hubby's moment of brilliance!)

Kim1Bump is on her way!!!!

Rachel just called on her way to the hospital. It looks like Sydney will be sharing her birthday with Alice and Paula. Kim just got her epidural so she's feeling great - or so she told her sister! :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

In Loving Memory

Elisabeth Eberling
May 4, 1923 - April 6, 2008


Rachel and I have gone to Dream Dinners a couple times together and both times have struggled with the Creamy Chicken Risotto. Our struggle is with the alfredo sauce because there didn't seem to be a way to get it into the bag without getting it all over the outside of the bag and your hands.

Yesterday, at my add-on session to make meals for my mom, I had a moment of BRILLIANCE! I turned the top of the bag down, spooned in the sauce, and then rolled it back up and TA DA! All of the sauce was contained on the inside of the bag and not on my hands!

While this was probably an obvious solution for many of you, I considered it quite the accomplishment. Please let me have my moment.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Pet Peeves

I got this as a forward and had to share:

Ten Peeves that Dogs Have About Humans
1)Blaming your farts on me...not funny... not funny at all !!!
2)Yelling at me for barking. I'M A FRIGGIN' DOG
3) Taking me for a walk, then not letting me check stuff out. Exactly whose walk is this anyway?
4) Any trick that involves balancing food on my nose. Stop it!
5) Any haircut that involves bows or ribbons. Now you know why we chew your stuff up when you're not home.
6)The sleight of hand, fake fetch throw. You fooled a dog! Whoooo Hoooooooo what a proud moment for the top of the food chain.
7) Taking me to the vet for 'the big snip', then acting surprised when I freak out every time we go back!
8) Getting upset when I sniff the crotches of your guests. Sorry, but I haven't quite mastered that handshake thing yet.
9) Dog sweaters. Hello ??? Haven't you noticed the fur?
10) How you act disgusted when I lick myself. Look, we both know the truth. You're just jealous.
Now lay off me on some of these things. We both know who's boss here! You don't see me picking up your poop do you?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Reasons why I love Jinjer

I am now the proud owner of my very own fertility doll!!! (As a bonus feature, the picture on the shelf is the picture of the hubby and I right after he proposed on that very beach!)

Not only is Jinjer a HYSTERICAL blogger, but she also went to great lengths to track down a doll for me, involving store transfers and USPS. THANK YOU JINJER!!! On a side note, I am also convinced that when Jinjer and I finally meet in person one day (hopefully before her recently conceived child is 5), she (like KT and Jane) will struggle with calling me just "Jenn".

BTW, the hubby saw the very same Jeep with the Kokopelli tire cover on the way home from work the other night (he called me to compare license plates).

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Famous People I Saw This Week...

Joss Stone
Brandi Chastain
John Mellencamp
Big Bad VooDoo Daddy
Colin Powell
...and I got paid to see them in Vegas.

You know you're jealous! Other than the part where I had to sit in meetings for 8+ hours a day of course!


The last post should have read:
Best way to break up the monotomy at a Global Sales Meeting? Joss Stone performing 3 songs. Best roommate to have when your cold develps into a cough? One with Halls in her purse.

Thanks for the clarification Striker Bunny!