Saturday, July 21, 2012

Jillian @ 5 Months

A day late. :( Poor, poor 3rd child. I got caught up in all of the "grandma's moving in to her new house" excitement and failed to realize it was the 20th yesterday. Mommy fail.

Size wise, Jill is just about out of 9 month stuff completely. We're using up the last of her size 3 diapers and then we're moving on to 4s. Her "right sized for her age" feet are finally outgrowing her 0-3 month shoes. Or is it her 3-6 month shoes? Whichever size her white sandals are :)

She loves her Jumperoo, the pool, her new single stroller, and watching her brothers. Her brothers love her too and are so gentle, protective, and helpful with her.

She moved into her crib in her room permanently a few weeks ago and began sleeping better immediately. She did the whole "wakeful 4 month old" thing and taught me something new. Just last night, on her 5 month birthday, she rolled over onto her tummy and snuggled in, then fell asleep. Her daddy was completely astonished by this.

Teething is driving her crazy, but still no first tooth. She had her first "food" last week when she ate 2 rice rusks in one sitting. Nothing really since then though. That should start happening a bit more this month.

She is such an easy baby and an old soul. She just hangs out in her Bumbo seat, her stroller, or the Ergo and keeps up with the rest of us. She went to another wedding this month (The Newcombs)...totally the party girl!

Her hair is starting to fill back in, which makes me happy since we've already acquired quite the collection of bows and I can't wait to start doing her hair...I'm really not that in to the headbands.

I love you Jilly Bean!