Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#3 - Week 16

This time, last round, I was doing nothing outside of my house. This time, I am always on the go. In the last week I took the boys to the park several times, went on a yoga hike, went to Lake Elsinore, and went with Striker to buy a new truck (Chevy Silverado crew cab 4x4...love it!). Today I took the boys to Pretend City since they had free admission. Oh, and I'm chasing twin toddler boys constantly...and lifting them. It did start to become uncomfortable to bend over this week and I got tired more easily than I'd like.

I've started to feel #3 moving occasionally. Usually when I'm laying in bed at night, though not consistently. It's supposed to be too early to feel movement, and yet, I felt the boys early too. I can't wait for #3 to kick Alex or Tony when they're laying on me. :)

Here is the link to pregnancy #1, week 16. Luckily I am just embracing the enormous size of the belly this time. Sigh. Totally loving the tan though!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

#3 - Week 15

Week 15 is my magical feel better week. I started feeling a little better last week, but yesterday (Monday) I woke up and actually felt "normal" (minus the bump that is starting to get in the way). Last time, week 15 was when I stopped wanting to sleep 21 hours a day...then again, it's also when I started permanent bed/house rest and could sleep 21 hours a day, so I wasn't too hopeful this round.

Yesterday was the first time that a random stranger asked about the baby bump. Looking at this picture, I am clearly pregnant, so I shouldn't be so shocked. Now I'm going to start getting the "that chick is CRAZY" looks...

For comparison, here is pregnancy #1, week 15. The verdict: more belly, more butt this time. This also explains why I'm now in maternity clothes 100% of the time (except for empire waist dresses). Oh, also more tan :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

#3 - Week 14 Belly

So yeah, 2 month blog hiatus. Sorry. I'm back, if for no other reason that I need to keep track of pregnancy #2/baby #3. Today marks the start of the second trimester and I'm so very happy!!! The morning/noon/night sickness is slowly lessening (meaning I'm not puking every time I change a diaper...yay) and I'm slightly less tired. Hopefully in another week or two I'll be good to go until I get too huge to be comfortable. Hopefully I'll do a first trimester post soon to sort of fill in the gaps a bit.

At the request of many, here is a link to pregnancy #1, week 14 for comparison.