Thursday, June 21, 2012

Jillian @ 4 Months

Jillian is weighing in at 16.5 pounds, but I couldn't get an accurate measurement. She's wearing 9 month clothes and starting to wear 12 month stuff too. I'm considering size 4 diapers given the amount of laundry I've been doing recently. Yes, I find that absurd. Still no teeth, but still chewing and drooling like crazy.

She's been a pro at rolling from back to tummy for over two weeks now and in that time has figured out how to pull her knees up, raise her bottom and come dangerously close to moving her arms in an army crawl style. Thankfully she just plows her head into the ground face first for now.

She likes to be on the move...she has a circuit she likes to repeat over and over: jumper, floor to roll around and play with toys, bumbo seat to watch her brothers,  sitting to standing in someone's lap, and briefly in the rock n play sleeper if Mickey Mouse Clubhouse happens to be on tv.

On her 4 month birthday, she switched from infant carrier to big girl car seat. It's purple and I couldn't be happier! Jill is also very happy to be sitting more upright and cries and fusses much less since we made the switch. In fact she seems to fall asleep in it more quickly too...maybe because she's more comfortable.

She's almost always happy and smiling if someone is talking to her and has started babbling regularly and blowing raspberries. This little girl definitely has the Kolbow gift of gab.

Jill now expects every hockey season to end with the Kings winning the Cup! She loves watching hockey and I'm so very happy that she got 2 months of bonus hockey to watch with daddy.