Thursday, July 31, 2008

BBB 10.9

Michelle crying = annoying. I retract earlier statements when I said I liked her.

I'm with Jinjer about Jerry's voice - it's annoying. And could he please keep his shirt on?

Oh look, Michelle and Jerry got into a shouting match! Jerry's been fighting with a few too many people. Any bets on how long it takes him to be on the block?

Earthquake - Jerry is an idiot. Well said Memphis. But at least he's entertaining.

Ollie has mastered laying low - it took 20 minutes for him to make an appearance. Dan too for that matter. I'm going to have to start watching After Dark more so I can see what the heck they do all day.

Angie is so in sales! I think I'd hire her :) (Tammy, you were so right!)

Do they have to vote unanimously every week? (Except for Dan's famous vote) It's very anti-climatic!

I'm sad Angie is leaving...she really grew on me tonight.

Dan is America's Player?! Didn't America learn that it ruins their game with what happened to Eric?

Loved the HOH competition! Glad it also forced me to watch After Dark.

So, the story on the teal spandex and tulle:
As correctly identified by KFuj, that's me when I was in Colorguard in High School. This was during a parade in Chino, and yes, I walked miles in that outfit. Voluntarily. The things I did to avoid PE!

Good News or Bad News?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I'm on strike until someone besides Ruth Anne comments on my last Big Brother Blog. Seriously people?! I'm wearing teal spandex and tulle on a public street and no one comments?! Ruth Anne doesn't even watch Big Brother!!!

BTW - Ruth Anne, you ROCK!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

BBB 10.8

Oh how I love Jerry, let me count the ways:
1) His evaluation of Memphis = CLASSIC!! I think it was the womanizer classification that literally made me LOL.
2) Worms!

Oh how Jessie annoys me, let me count the ways:
1) His conversation with Michelle - oh how he loves himself.
2) His conversation with Keesha - how do you spell desperate? J-E-S-S-I-E
3) His obsession with respect - clearly does not practice what he preaches. Will wants to count the number of times he says it next week (if he's still here).
4) His second conversation with Keesha - slightly better game play, but still annoying.
5) The fact that he knew he lost 6 pounds in 2 days.
6) His begging to Keesha.
As much as I dislike him, he did totally play Keesha twice...she's an idiot. Sorry Queen B!

OMG the Veto outfits remind me of this flashback moment:

Memphis is growing on me...Libra still annoys me.

How funny is it that Keesha won the Veto competition?

I totally want Jerry to be America's Player! Will wants Renny to be it so that she can try to manipulate people.

Ooh Memphis lost it!! This definitely makes him more interesting.

Angie is also growing on me. I wish I could rearrange the alliances!

Quaking and Shaking

Yes, there was a pretty good earthquake in Chino Hills today (details can be found here), yes, I live in Chino, and yes, everything is fine. Just like the fires in October, as soon as everyone hears that something happened in Chino, I start getting phone calls and emails. Thanks to everyone for your concern, but 3 things fell off of shelves, nothing broke, and the furries seemed unaffected by the whole event. It probably helped that my cleaning ladies were here for their monthly visit and the furries weren't alone without humans to "protect".

I was riding in the car with Rachel on our way to lunch when the quake hit. Neither of us knew what it was, but it felt sorta like Rachel's rear tires slid like we were on ice or in sand or something. We shrugged it off and figure it was just a pot hole or something.

We got to the restaurant and Kevin called Rach to see if she was ok, which is when we found out that it was an earthquake. I also pointed out that we were on an overpass over a rather large wash when we had the "tire issue". When I found out that it was centered in Chino Hills, I busted out Mr. Pearl to request that the hubby go home to check on our furry critters as I feared that something might have fallen over and trapped them or that they'd be panicked and scared. He BBM'd back that he was already on his way and I went back to my lunch.

Then it occurred to me that he had immediately left to check on the furries, but hadn't called or BBM'd me!!! Of course, as is typical after a quake, all of the phone lines were jammed. (This is further reason that everyone should have a BlackBerry or a Smartphone that can send email at the very least!) Allegedly, KT made a call to her mom DURING the about quick reflexes!

I'm not irrational or illogical though - the brownie point that the hubby earned for going home to check on the "kids" cancelled out the minus point for not checking on me first. :)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Relay for Life is Saturday!

For everyone that has already donated, THANK YOU!

For those of you that are procrastinating, time's running out! Make your donation here.

I am certain that the Relay will produce some interesting blog material :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

BBB 10.7

If it were not for the fact that Keesha reminds me so much of Danielle, she would totally annoy me.

Renny was a little less annoying this week.

So far Dan might have the best game play, but I'm not sure he can last. Aligning with Keesha will make or break his game. Showmance alert?

Libra needs to go. She's a Leo? That makes my head hurt.

Ollie was barely in this episode, he must be really boring or is just laying low. Maybe he's playing the best game because he's not making any enemies and staying out of the drama.

Michelle is the only female in the house that hasn't annoyed me yet. She also has the potential to be a strong player. She's my favorite female for now. I need to start watching After Dark so I can see more of her.

And of course, this BBB would not be complete without my pointing out how TERRIBLE April and Renny were at the food competition.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Shopping in Your Sister's Closet

Few things are better than shopping in your sister's closet, except for maybe when she cleans out your closet of the clothes or shoes that you never wear.

In this case, my sister used the time I spent packing for our trip to the lake to find these shoes and a shirt in my closet.

I wore these shoes maybe 4 times and they hurt my feet so I wasn't exactly heartbroken - but ssh don't tell my sister! :)

Friday, July 25, 2008

I LOVE Summer!

Off to Lake Elsinore...with my sister who got fried the last time she came with us. She is going to try wakeboarding for the first time - this should produce good blog material tomorrow! : )

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lesson learned

Oskar likes Turkey Jerkey. He does not like plastic or the little moisture absorbing packet that you aren't supposed to eat (thankfully). He'd like to thank his brothers (the cats) for knocking it down for him.

BBB 10.6

What is Julie Chen wearing? Did she get a job with Cal-Trans? I contemplated wearing sunglasses for the episode.

Why is Keesha so freaking obsessed with Steven?

Libra for politician - why couldn't she just answer honestly about old people's ability in the game. What did she think she was implying when she said they should even things out?

Conversate. Enough said.

Renny's son's name = Sparky.

Jesse's mom is an idiot. It explains so much!

What was with Steven's speech?

All of the alien sightings in the bathroom were hysterical.

Got a little scared when Libra and Keesha were the final two in the HOH competition. Who will she nominate?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BBB 10.5

Steven's moping was pathetic.

Angie also overly dramatic.

Have these people watched a season before? Seriously?!

Who states that they WANT a showmance? Michelle.

Team BA is perfect except for Angie. (See earlier comment)

Keesha = total floater.

How much did I LOVE the license plate game?!

Jerry cursing...HYSTERICAL!!!

Libra...not so smart. I am glad she stays for now. I LOVE the drama. :)

Stupid Steven...NEVER volunteer to be the pawn.

Where the heck was Ollie for the first 52 minutes of the episode?

Like father, like son

No their softball team does not have uniforms. Aren't they cute?!


My BBB from last night's show will be delayed. I fell asleep at 8:30. Yes, I have an exciting life. :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

BBB 10.4

Jessie was a tad (ok a ton) annoying with his HOH room. Talk about being in love with yourself.

Stupid of Steven not to go up to see the room. Has he ever watched the show?

What the heck was up with 10 minutes of recaps?

Steven coming out to Dan, all of the groveling to Jesse, and the diary room sessions were totally cliché.

April and Libra are annoying. Keesha is growing on me a la Danielle.

Steven is playing a stupid game. His lie about being asleep was STUPID! The whole house saw him walking around the kitchen - duh!

Watching BB live = commercials = annoying. But we were too impatient to wait.

We can't get into watching After Dark. There are too many people in the house and it's chaos.

The hubby has made the statement that if Jesse wins this season he will never watch the show again.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Football players?

They can't do too well...every boy at the car wash was this scrawny.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where there's a Will...

...There's a boat. Despite all of the people that voted "No" recently, the hubby will be trading in the Sea Doos and purchasing the boat tomorrow on his day off.

That means we'll be at the lake Saturday and possibly overnight to Sunday.

Company welcome!

BBB 10.3

Not much of a surprise...Brian got sent packing, the girls started fighting, and there were tears.

It still bothers me that Keesha looks and sounds so much like Danielle.

Jessie winning HOH pretty much guarantees that Renny will be on the block again. I really hope she doesn't become the next Sheila.

I like the live studio audience. It makes the exit interview seem less like a police interrogation.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

BBB 10.2

Thank you Big Brother editors, I am confident in declaring April to be truthful in the origin of her chest size.

April however became rather annoying over Ollie. Betrayal is a pretty strong word for someone you've only known a few days.

I totally called Brian getting nominated 2 minutes into the episode. Well, not exactly, but very early on. Clearly he doesn't understand the principle of lying low. The first few weeks are about making nice with everyone and not appearing too strategic or strong.

The good news is that this season is starting off to be very entertaining.

Libra might be growing on me a tiny little bit as she didn't overreact, and remained calm enough to carry out getting Brian nominated.

The look on Dan's face when Brian was nominated...priceless!

"I Am Organized. Just Not Here."

As you had probably guessed, we will be purchasing a boat in the near future. (And no, I'm not pregnant yet - I'm just a sucker - besides, you all turned on me and voted with the hubby). Once the hubby decides he's going to buy a SeaDoo/Car/House/Boat he becomes obsessed with the idea until the deal is complete.

Today he took off from work (except for some interviews) to progress in the transaction process. Pretty much the only thing between him and a boat is: 1) me, and 2) the missing title to one of the Sea Doos.

The missing title wouldn't be a big deal, except that although we paid it off 5 years ago, the registration still shows a lien holder. This resulted in the hubby calling me at work (where I've actually been busy working lately - just ask Queen B) to see if I knew where it might be.

I've known the hubby for over 6 years now and I've spent just about the entire time utilizing my photographic memory to recall where he left various objects. The title of the Sea Doo falls into one of the categories where the hubby at one time professed that he was putting them in a safe place...and that's the last I remember.

The result?

After tearing apart all of our remaining BOC's (boxes o' crap that we have moved from house to house) we start to recreate the timeline of events. (BTW we've moved 4 times since we first acquired it.) In my head, I can see the Bert's Mega Mall folder that the title should have been stored in. I just have no idea where it ended up. I have an inkling that it's in our old desk that we left in Lake Elsinore, but I'm not certain that the title is still in there...after all, the hubby put it in a "safe place."

After discussing the possible locations or solutions (the bank that holds the lien is no longer in business and the loans were sold somewhere), I dissolved into hysterical laughter, when the hubby made this statement: "I am organized. Just not here. I'm conducting a seminar on organization at work."

I made him promise to use this story and these photos as part of his presentation. :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

That's a LOT of Fur!

I finally got a digital scale and we finally got around to weighing the furry critters since we've wondered which weighed the most since we brought Chaz home last month.

The results:
Oskar 12lbs
Felix 15lbs
Chaz/Chuck/Jack/Chazilla 17lbs

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Big Brother 10!

I'm resuming Big Brother Blogs for this season. If you don't typically watch the show, I highly advise that you start, or you will disappointed by 3 of my posts each week. (Thanks to my father in law for reminding me that it started tonight!)

Thoughts on the first episode:
-Totally the season of (mostly) fake boobs. The fact that April's are real is still questionable to me. I'll make a decision when she debuts a swim suit.

-Jerry is really cute and will either be off the show in the first few weeks or make it to the end like Sheila.

-Renny is possibly the most annoying person on the planet. And an idiot. Did she really think it was a good idea to cause a ruckus the FIRST night? She makes Sheila likable!

-How much does Keesha look like Danielle?

-April's OCD is a little much - I can't wait to see how she goes crazy living with slobs.

-What mother leaves their 5 month old twins for potentially 3 months? Libra. She's going to have to do some work for me to like her.

-Jesse - what is with the "natural" body builder? He totally looks like he's on steroids...and how does he not think that it's going to hurt his game play? Has he seen the show?!

-This is the first season where I've somehow managed to remember most of their names. Good job by the casting department even if they didn't select Maddie's Daddy (aka Bianka's husband).

-The hubby has once again added Showtime2 to our lineup for Big Brother After Dark viewing. YIPPEE!

-Love the decor of the house!

Where there is smoke...

There are cupcakes?

Allow me to explain...

As is a fairly regular occurrence for me, I baked cupcakes for work last night. I started the oven to preheat and turned my back from the oven to create the batter. (It's really tough: open box, dump contents into bowl, add 1 cup of water, 1/3 cup oil, and 3 eggs, beat).

When I turned around to grab the cupcake pans, I gasped and yelled for the hubby. Why you ask? Because smoke was pouring out of the oven and filling the kitchen and dining room.

I quickly shut off the oven and then opened it, expecting to find something burning. Nope, no flames, just more smoke.

This is about the time that the hubby confesses that it's probably the drippings burning from the last time he broiled something. He used the cookie sheet without edges rather than the broil pan, so everything ran off the edges.

We then attempted to let the oven self clean (which I've never done before) and apparently the fact that it smoked even more and had to be stopped was to be expected.

I ended up taking my batter over to my aunt's and using her double oven. Now I just need to clean the oven....yuck!

(Note: Further proof that we share a brain, Queen B has the original post with this name.)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Yet Another Reason I'm a Sucker!

The alternate title could read: "Further Proof that the Hubby Knows How to Con Me Into Anything".

I came home from a very lovely baby shower for one of our friends (they're having twin girls - congrats Stabio & Konrad Families!) and was met by the hubby with the following:

The boat

Boat Specs

Boat Financing Option

Convincing Suggestions
(Queen B how much do you love that it's a WikiHow?)

I knew this was coming...he's his father's son after all. A few weeks ago when the hubby and I were at the lake on our stay-cation with the Sea Doos, I made a comment that we'd need to trade in the Sea Doos and get a boat when we had kids. That's all it took for him to do his research and submit his proposal.

It's only a matter of time before I cave, but I thought I'd prolong the inevitable by having an official poll. Please place your votes on the right.

New Kolbow Family Tradition

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this up, but below are 2 links to video that document parts of the 1st Annual Kolbow Family Fireworks Extravaganza. Footage includes special guest, LilDahl.

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

BTW, the Champ and I have declared next year a competition between the Dahl and Evans sisters. Expect more fireworks, more video, and more entertainment by LilDahl!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Back Up Careers

Like Queen B (shocker), I don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but there are several random activities that I excel at:

1) Dog Grooming - Oskar has never been to the groomer and, ever since the "tail incident", has looked respectable. Not bad for a long haired dachshund.

2) Scheduler/Organizer/Coordinator - I created a 3 page itinerary for my trip/surgery in Colorado. I will be creating the itinerary for our vacation to Pennsylvania/Ohio/Virgina/New York in August. While probably not as fancy as The Queen's, it will be just as detailed.

3) Wedding Planner - A direct result of #2, not only did I plan every last detail of my own wedding, but I am now the wedding planner for my uncle's wedding in February 2009 - and he just doubled the guest list from 50 to 100.

4) Cupcake Baker - I owe my delicious cupcakes to Pilsbury. People rave about them at work, which makes me laugh - it's mix from a box.

5) Medical Field - No real skill, but thanks to my plethora of medical conditions/experiences over the years I'm pretty well versed in basic medicine.

6) Tech Support for AT&T Pearl's - At least I have been for KFuj, LilDahl, and LilDahl's friend Cassie.

If you can figure out a way to combine them to make a decent income, please let me know!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Reason to Love Target...

I may have mentioned that I love Target, but it is usually overshadowed on the blogs by my disdain for WalMart. Here is yet another reason that I love the buyers at Target:

Yes, that's right, an entire section dedicated to 80s movies!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ants are back!

And so is the baby powder...the worst part is that I have 3 weeks until my cleaning lady comes.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Baby Poop Brown

If you are going to spend this much money for a Porsche, why in baby poop brown?

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fireworks Festivities

Last night was the first time the hubby and I had hosted a fireworks extravaganza. Granted the extravaganza consisted of just us and my sister, but it was rather entertaining. The hubby has promised to get the video up on You Tube and when he does, I'll post the link. In the meantime, here are some photos:

Friday, July 4, 2008

That WAS Easy!!!

As was previously mentioned, changing your profile on Blogger used to be the most difficult thing.

I say used to be, because now it's not. You literally just upload the new photo and you are done. Oh, happy day!

Happy 4th of July!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Let the Countdown Begin!

One month until Relay for Life in Chino. Thanks to those that have joined the team (and those that I've volunteered). :)

If you can make a donation to our team, go here. Every little bit will help us reach our goal!

You can also donate Luminarias in honor or memory of a friend or loved one who has fought cancer.

If you are a cancer survivor, let me know there are special events for you throughout the day and we'd be honored if you'd join us.

There's going to be an all night softball tournament the night of the relay. If you're playing softball, I don't have to walk! :)


I love that my cleaning lady lined up all of my bottles in height order!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Adventures with Rachel

Today Rachel and I took an early lunch to try and snag some free ribs from Pat & Oscars. We were not willing to wait in much of a line as we didn't want them that badly, but figured it was worth a try. (They were giving away free ribs to the first 110 people at each location). When we got there, this was the line:

So we left.

I sent the picture to Kim and then handed Mr. Pearl over to Rachel to have her follow up with a message. (It's all part of our master plan to get Rachel a Pearl - the more she uses it, the more she'll want one). As Kim1Champ pointed out yesterday, today is the first day under the new cell phone law which prevents you from holding a cell phone to your ear while driving.

While stopped at a red light, Rachel handed the phone back to me and I started browsing through my Inbox . Rachel started to say "That cop is totally looking for people..." when the Buena Park Police Officer in the cruiser next to us (who was also holding his cell phone) waved at us.

Rachel rolled down the window and the follow exchanged:

BPPD: (while laughing) You can get a ticket for that.

Me: (laughing with him) I wasn't talking on it, just holding it.

BPPD: CHP will still give you a ticket for that. But it's okay, I use mine too (holds up his phone).

Me: OK (Rachel rolls back up the window)

Me to Rachel: Not true. The phone has to be up to your ear. You can still text while driving. It's a loop hole. You just can't have the phone against your ear. Had he actually given me a ticket, I would have used the cell phone in question to pull up the law and show him.