Tuesday, July 31, 2007

BBB #10

I was blogging and talking to a friend on instant messenger while Will watched the episode and alerted me to the lowlights (let's face it, other than the MAJOR drama last night on After Dark it's ho-hum at best).

While Amber and Jameka were crying (literally) about Dustin taking the prizes in the Veto competition, here is possibly the worst quote of the entire season:
Jameka: "God is some gangsta. It's God, that's why I'm not trippin'."

I wish I had started counting the number of times that Jameka or Amber referenced God somehow being involved in the game (being there, wanting something to happen, etc.) Any guesstimates?

I think Eric is hysterical and that he was actually a good choice for America's Player even if some of his tasks are really lame! Is anyone with me on this?

Welcome Laila Marie Ramirez!

Happy Birth Day Laila!
July 31, 2007
1:58 PM
7lbs 5oz
19 inches

After a long wait, both mom and daughter are doing well!

Yes, Colleen did her makeup to go deliver her daughter this morning!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

BBB #9

Ok SERIOUSLY...how many people didn't cry in this episode? I watched it while the hubby was out playing softball on the one TV in our house that doesn't have TiVo (gasp, I know) so I didn't get a chance to review. He came home right as the episode ended, so I've asked him to make a list of everyone that cries while he watches. I have no doubt that he will post the answer as soon as he is finished watching.

I'm torn. I think I need to watch BBAD AFTER the next episode airs because I'm getting the sequence of events confused and I am in a constant state of confusement. That's a word that Janine made up - if you know Janine (she doesn't blog...yet!), then you aren't surprised. Anyhow, I digress. I enjoy watching After Dark mostly because I'm addicted and there isn't anything else on...but it seems like a case of deja vu when I already know who's been nominated, who's on slop, and who they are planning to evict.

How happy am I that they are showing all of the practical jokes that are going on this season (Dick causing the kitchen sink to spray Danielle)? (They might as well be doing something since playing the game isn't really happening.) Did they have After Dark last season? Because I'm so disappointed I didn't get to see Chill Town unedited.

Internet Crisis

How unhappy am I that my Internet was down the ENTIRE day yesterday?

Should you have the option of switching to a fiber optic connection - DON'T! At least wait until it's less new.

If you remember, I gave kudos to our provider earlier this month (Shout-Out-To-Sunburst). I'm hoping for another apology and a refund for this month. Saturday was prime Internet time for me and I was forced to (gasp) do something else.

Rachel, if you're reading this, it's finally happened...I am addicted to blogging and the HCBC. Resistance is futile. Join the club!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday Night Dinner Out

Friday has become out night for dinner out. Tonight I decided to make the husband's day and suggest Outback. It's his favorite restaurant and I don't think he's ever turned it down. Since Outback is in between my work and home (Hubby gets off early on the Fridays he works) we met there.

I had the Baby Back Ribs and they were very tasty...the meat literally fell off the bones!

After dinner we went out to our cars and found that the car next to me had parked very close to my door. I was quite stuffed after all of the ribs, garlic mashed potatoes, salad and bread - YUM!- and was annoyed that I had to try to squeeze my stuffed self in a space that might have been too tight for even Rachel to squeeze through comfortably.

As you can see, I contorted myself into various positions to squeeze myself into my car while asking the hubby to record the event for my blog. (After much debate I decided to squeeze in rather than climb in the passenger side and crawl across for fear that climbing would have been worse for my neck and back.)

When I had just about wiggled myself in, my flip flop fell off of my foot. As I wiggled back out to retrieve it, I noticed this...

lots of empty parking spaces in close proximity.

Why did the driver of the Altima have to choose that spot? I will admit that I drive a SUV and the spots were fairly small, HOWEVER, I was courteous and parked next to a planter and well within the painted lines. Needless to say my efforts at contortion have caused the work of my chiropractor to be in vain...time to go beg the hubby for a back rub...next time I'm crawling across the front seat and console.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

BBB #8

Jen is a closet smart person? I was starting to wonder (how many not smart people know what Mensa is and would have thought to create a Jensa shirt?) and tonight's episode confirmed it.

I was surprised a little by Danielle's boyfriend...he seemed too normal. Not what I'd pictured.

Unless you watch After Dark you'd never know that Dick started the campaign to get out Mike almost immediately after putting him on the block.

Possibly the best part about After Dark is everybody talking about what they think is making it on tv and seeing how screwed up their interpretations are of what's actually going on.

I'm going to make an early prediction that it will be Eric and Danielle as the final two. Who do you think will be the final two?

Wasted Time at Work

Yesterday Kim posted about time wasted at work (Guilty!)

Additional proof that I don't always work continuously from 8-5:
Me (calling Rachel at her extension): Rach, Kim and Queen B have created a separate category for the Hot Chicks Blog Club.
Rach: Seriously? That's so funny
Me: I know, now I have to go home and follow suit.
Rach: I've got to check out Rachel Made Me Do This, I haven't in awhile.
Me: Slacker!
Rach: You're doing a really good job!
Me: Just trying to live up to Kim's standards!

Please note the time this blog was posted. :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Random Photo Conclusion

Alright, since the random photo has been posted for some time now, I now bring you the conclusion!

This is an ice chest that I found in my aunt and uncle's garage on the day that they were having their electrical box rewired.

I stopped by on my way home from somewhere to find my aunt, uncle and mother sitting in their garage. All of their electricity was shut off for most of the day so they were camping out in the garage finding various ways to amuse themselves. Apparently at some point they punctured the top of the Styrofoam lid causing a major flaw in it's purpose (keeping beer and cranberry juice cold). My mom and uncle (being creative in an odd and twisted way)then created the monstrosity that is pictured. They like to call it a work of art.

Other various items in the photo are:
My mom's shoe (which was not on her foot)
Absolut vodka (for the cranberry juice of course)
Trail mix to snack on

This recount is in no way as humorous as it was in person. I guess you either had to be there or have to just know my family.

Working on the picture

As I was looking for a picture to post, I realized that every picture I have taken in 2007 was either when I was significantly intoxicated or on vacation in places that were very humid (i.e. not the most attractive photos). I'll work on it...

Update 10:01 PM - Alright, this one is from Christmas 2006...until I take a decent 2007 picture you'll have to settle for this one. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

BBB #7

Ummm...this episode was kinda boring and I'm just not feeling it. HOWEVER, I convinced the hubby to get After Dark and I'm officially hooked!!!! NOTHING is funnier than Dick, Dustin, and Nick sitting outside talking right now. I'm also enjoying Jessica playing quarters with Zach and Mike.

Let me think back to the episode...ummmm...this season is PATHETIC in comparison to the last 2. I didn't take notes this time and I should have. The only thing I can think of is Dick's reference to Marcellus which proves that he's at least watched BB before - too bad he started pissing everyone off. And Kail's an idiot.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Ruth Anne ROCKS!!!

I just left this comment on Bianka's blog, but felt it worthy of posting here.

"I love Ruth Anne!!! She's a L&D RN (or so I've gathered from her blog) - I want to be just like her when I grow up!

Cool things I learned today:
-Ruth Anne ROCKS!
-IUGR - they are testing Colleen for this right now...don't ask what it stands for because it sounds scarier than what it really means. Just be thankful that it looks like your baby will take after you instead of John!
-How awesome is blogging?!"

I guess I'm really thankful that Rachel made me do this :)

Red Letter Day!!!

Ok, so today was a typical Monday...
Waking up sucked!
I stopped at Jack In The Box on my way to work for an iced tea - it tasted like coffee - YUCK!
Worked sucked!

And then the good stuff...
I got home, took the dog for his evening walk (this is a nightly occurrence) and by some MIRACLE he actually peed like a normal dog. Yes, that's right folks, my dog peed in the grass like every other dog would do. This is the first time in the month and a half that we've lived here that he felt compelled to relieve himself in public. (He otherwise pees on puppy pads placed near the garage door - our intent was for him to pee on them in the garage, but we haven't quite made it there yet). Unfortunately, I did not carry my phone on the walk so I was unable to capture this glorious event on my camera phone.

I immediately praised him, and then said the magic word, which after all of my training efforts he's finally learned as his reward for relieving himself where he's supposed to - "TREAT". He knew that he was a "good boy" and began to race towards home where I promptly gave him his treat. If he can repeat this performance tomorrow I will be ecstatic!!!

Right before Oskar chose to act like a normal dog, I got our mail from the box. In all of the excitement I didn't notice until we got home that almost all of the mail was for me. YAY!!! Since Will pays the bills now, I LOVE getting mail!!!!

I sat on the couch to open it and became elated with each piece I opened. Here's a list of my mail, in the order it was received:
1) Letter from Cigna approving my brain MRI - yes!
2) Rebate check from Staples for $50 - yes!
3) Rebate gift card from Lowes for $20 - yes!
4) Letter from Coach w/catalog - since my purse that I FINALLY sent in was deemed defective, they are offering me a FULL credit to be used towards a replacement of my choice - yes!
5) Info packet from ASAP with a bunch of GREAT information - yes!!!

HOW HAPPY AM I?! (For more on # 1 & 5, please see my other blog - Proof That I Have a Big Brain)

*Disclaimer - you may notice that I'm throwing in a few "big words" (well bigger than the norm). I am studying for the GRE (yes that's right, grad school hopeful here). So I'm trying to sharpen up my vocab since I began studying this weekend and felt stupid for the first time since Statistics in college. Bear with me please!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

BBB #6


In reference to the vote of 9 to 1 -
"I knew instantly that it was me".

"To trust these people you don't even know I think is retarded".

"I don't feel like I'm nominated"


- Are Dick and Danielle the only people who have watched this show before?

- Does Eric remind anyone else of Adam Sandler?

- Is Kail taking lessons from Amber? She cried about being put up against Jen. Come on, it's JEN!

- Eric's challenge - LAME! Half of America isn't going to understand the question - "Whose personal property should he covertly target?" Actually, I'm not all that clear on it either...

- For the record, there are starving children in Africa. There are also starving children in every other country in the world. However, it seems that we are most often shown pictures of the starving children in Africa. It is sad and the reference has nothing to do with the ethnicity of the children, just the way they look in the pictures.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Random Photo

Who, what (and by what I mean all the what's in the picture), where, and why?

Are you enjoying my ploys to force you to comment? :)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

BBB #5

DANIELLE ROCKS!!! She's 20 and totally saw through Kail's attempts to play on her emotions. LOVE HER!!! She's definitely filling my Janelle void!

How happy am I that Dick won HOH? How scared are Jen and Kail now? YAY! I can't wait to see what happens this week.

It's a miracle...Amber didn't cry once in the entire episode!!!

That's all...it was otherwise fairly uneventful and kinda boring even.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Where's Waldo?

In this case, I'll call my Honda Pilot Waldo.

Where am I and why did I bother taking this picture?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

BBB #4

This will be quick, because I'm tired...


I LOVE Danielle!!! She's the only competent player in the entire house - love the back to back veto wins! We may have a mini-Janelle in the making here!

Jen is SO going home next week unless there is another freak occurrence and she wins veto. How ridiculous is that red unitard? (please no comments about the teal spandex on my myspace page - yes that is a teal unitard)

Dick or Jane...I mean Joe? I want Joe to go. I like that Dick fights with Jen constantly and I want him to outlast her. I'm sort of bored with Joe. Actually I'm sort of bored with this season thus far...I'm hoping Danielle can spice it up for me.

Jameka is laying low...I'm interested to see what happens with her...

Monday, July 16, 2007

I love my SISTOR!!!

My sistor has started her very own blog here. And yes, I meant to spell it "sistor".

Go check it out and leave her lots of comments so she gets hooked like the rest of us. :) If she's lagging on posting, just ask her to tell you a story about how she used to torture her big sistor when we were little and shared a room.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

BBB #3

Highlights (lowlights?):

Joe on Jen winning HOH: "I'm sick of people being rewarded for stupidity!" - And I thought I'd never agree with Joe on anything!

I'm now a big fan of the "I" drinking game and would like to start a bunch of similar games to amuse myself - suggestions?

Jen has picture issues and it makes me EXTREMELY happy that CBS posted the picture of Jen crying over the picture she thinks is terrible causing her veins to pop out on her forehead. click here How ridiculous is it that she WAVED at the camera in the bedroom? Her best quote of the episode was "I'm not, like, stupid". As for nominating Dick and Danielle, she's a moron. Whomever isn't voted out will come after Jen with a vengeance...not that much more motivation is needed by anyone.

Apparently I've become the Big Brother addict and have stolen this as a regular blog topic (sorry Kim!). Actually the people aren't that exciting, but I took notes on the episode for blog purposes. Rachel is SO gonna make fun of me for that!

For Queen B...

I was going through my pictures from my trip to Dallas with the hubby and found this.

How cool is my mom?

This is a copy of my mom's Southwest ticket from July 7, 2007. Please note that she is #7. (She is quite possibly the most obsessed person when it comes to being #1 at check-in.

When I asked her how many times she's been #1, she said - "Too many to count!")

Interesting side note...she ended up missing this flight because of a girls' volleyball tournament in Reno that weekend that caused them all to be boarding their flights at the same time, thus crowding the airport and creating delays at security.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

BBB #2


-Amber annoys me because she cries ALL the time.
-Jen annoys me because she's Jen.
-I am SO not happy that Jen won HOH.
-Jen only won HOH because she's a lucky idiot. She couldn't have actually realized that the door was a factor which means she WAY under estimated its actual volume.

When Julie asked the question "how many gallons of water does the teacup hold?" I turned to Will and said "5 because of the door". That makes ME the winning Jenn and not Jen. I swear that this is true! And I also literally ran upstairs the second BB8 was over to write this. I have issues, I know! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rachel made me do this too!

I was talking to Rachel on my drive home from Irvine tonight and she actually said "You've got to blog about that!" Kim, aren't you proud? Here's the story I told her...

I went to an account review in Irvine (right at the 405/55 interchange) that was scheduled to start at 3:30. We didn't get started until 3:45, so it was no surprise that I didn't leave until 5:15. (The review wasn't exactly fun, but I can't elaborate further). I attempt to head towards the freeway and I moved about 5 feet in 10 minutes. I call Rach since I'm minutes from her house but she doesn't answer which means she's at the gym. Defeated by traffic and feeling a tad depressed, I head to South Coast Plaza for some retail therapy, intending to buy a new compact from MAC.

I head into Nordstrom and see the 2 girls behind the counter are totally "Orange County" and really young. Knowing that there's a MAC store within a short distance in the mall, I hope that there will be someone there that I can actually talk to without bursting out in laughter, or rolling my eyes uncontrollably (I don't want to be rude!).

I walk down to the store which has exactly one customer in it with 3 sales people. One guy has a pink mohawk, the other is obviously on Team Pink, and the third is a fairly "normal" girl that is already helping the customer. I know that the moment I put a toe in the store I will be swarmed by one of the men. I just can't bring myself to do it, and head back to my HONDA in the parking lot full of BMWs, Navigators, Mercedes, and other assorted luxury cars.

I wonder, does it make me hypocritical that I own (a few) Coach purses? I blame my short-term depression on the account review, my recent medical news, and having not talked to Rachel in awhile. At least I had a good chat with Rach on my hour long drive home! :)


So based on Kim's fantastic recap on the last episode of Big Brother, I watched Jen's tears over her picture. I'd just like to point out that while she's crying over her picture, the veins in her forehead are MAJORLY sticking out, she should be crying about that!

Amber is such the victim and she cries too much...she annoys me. She's had a tough life, but still...

And of course Kail said "That was Easy!" I should report her to the Staples Easy Button/trademark police!

Darn it, 20 minutes until the next episode starts...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

It's a Small World...

So, in my home office when I hear my husband call to me from his office "Who's Teri?"

I start laughing and head in there to explain my "friends" Kim1Champ, Queen B, and Teri...whom I've never met. I tell him how we're all recently added each other as friends on MySpace (even added to the Top Friends section!) - except for Teri as I don't believe she has a MySpace page. Of course this involves me explaining how it was that I came to "know" them and how they know each other (How did you guys meet Teri by the way?).

He's amused by my story and curious, so he asks what company they work for.
I say "Perot Systems".
He says "I hate them!"
This seems like a pretty strong reaction for a company that he should care less about, so I ask "why?"
His response - "They fired me when I was a temp there!"

Champ, Queen, have at him...he reads my blog regularly. :)

Shout out to Sunburst!

In our new house we have this fancy-schmancy fiber-optic internet service that all of the homes are being pre-wired with. Our internet service is included in our monthly HOA dues and it is supposed to be the newest and coolest technology. Well, I've been less than impressed with it for the month that we've lived here.

We had DSL Extreme in Moreno Valley and I absolutely LOVED their service. Not only were they very inexpensive (less than $20/month) but we never had any drops in our connection. I was a very happy camper and referred everyone I knew to them.

Since moving in to our new house, our connection has dropped at least once a day and the connection stalls numerous times on top of that. By stalling, I mean taking FOREVER to load a page. Will has threatened to call and complain but hadn't got around to that yet (searching for the number for the landscaper that gave us the estimate we wanted to go with has been his most recent priority).

Out of nowhere yesterday we get a letter in the mail from Sunburst apologizing for the service challenges for the last month AND a check in the amount of the fee that is included in our HOA dues for internet service. I probably would have been satisfied with the apology letter that was unsolicited, but the check drove me to write this blog. YAY for Sunburst for going above and beyond to correct a less than satisfactory situation and YAY to them for getting me to give them some good PR.

Now if only our gardeners could figure out that the sprinklers in front of our house do NOT need to be on continuously for the entire weekend we'd be in good shape...

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Google ROCKS!

Today's blog is dedicated to Kim1Champ and Queen B - the two women responsible for getting me hooked on blogging!

Required reading: click here

Totally cool job and it connects the Queen's love for Google (and mine!) with the Champ's July 4th/French Revolution conflict.

I first read about this in the June 18th BusinessWeek (which I just received YESTERDAY thanks to the crappy Post Office in Moreno Valley) and decided to share it with you.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

I love VACATION!!!

I especially love vacation when I am home doing nothing. I'm doing stuff, but not working. Just relaxing. It's absolutely wonderful. Although I have spent a good amount of time in doctor's offices and sitting on my rear in varying degrees of pain. More on that stuff tomorrow after I visit the neurosurgeon. Nothing serious. Just rare and complicated to explain and I am minutes away from sleep. If anyone reads this and wants to go to Lake Elsinore on Saturday, let me know. Will and I are only going to go if someone wants to go with us.

Sunday, July 1, 2007


While walking Oskar tonight I met a neighbor couple and their two dogs. Carlos and Jennifer are getting married in about 3 weeks and she's only a couple years older than me (hence the very creative name of Jennifer). Their dogs are Dori and Callie and both are Oskar-sized. Do you think Oskar made friends with either of them? No, of course not. He barked his head off until I picked him up. Dori did the same. Callie seems to be a puppy so she just followed suit.

Jennifer and I committed to convincing our dogs to be friends (which of course would make us friends). YAY!!! Neighbor friends that I didn't go to high school with.

Oh yeah, that reminds me...Reva and Josh's house looks like it's done, so they should be moving in soon. More newlywed neighbors! I love my neighborhood more and more each day!!! Seriously, this is cool. I'll be able to socialize while being at home...this is new to me.

Now if I can just find the owner of the big dog that keeps pooping in front of my house, I'll give them a complimentary holder with poop bag picker-uppers that they can tie on their leash. Oskar has one, but I've never had to use it...he's very particular about relieveing himself in public places. Yes, I'm serious.

Happy Birthday to Margot! (yesterday)

Happy birthday to Margot!!! I am posting this not only because I love Margot, but because I want to guilt her into blogging again. She was writing about her trainer and her torture, but has not recently blogged despite the begging of Chelsie and me. She works for Staples. She's not in management. That gives her TONS of great blog material, but alas, no blogs since June 12th. SAD.