Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jillian @ 1 Month

So after month, it's safe to declare Jill "the best baby ever"!

Since she was a week old, Jill has been going to sleep for the night between 8-9, sleeping until 2-3, waking for a feeding and diaper change, sleeping until 6 for another meal and diaper change and then starting her daytime pattern of nap, eat, awake, repeat. I am getting more sleep than Strikers who is on Alex & Tony duty at night.

She really doesn't cry...just squawks when she's hungry, in need of a diaper change, or bored. She's recently started spending more time awake and just likes to watch her brothers and look around.

She loves to be in the Ergo, but hates sitting in her infant carrier car seat when she's awake. She does fine in the car, as long as the car is moving. She is a snuggle bug and loves to be cuddled up with warm blankets. She's reached the end of 3 month clothes already. Her one piece outfits with feet won't fit her much longer. Same with onesies. Length is going to be an issue.

She came dangerously close to rolling from her tummy to back yesterday...so not ready for that yet!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy 2 Weeks Baby Girl!

Yeah, I am in love...and she is the world's easiest baby. I really hope that doesn't change and that we don't have to pay for it too terribly later (still very scared to have a teenage daughter).

At her 2 week doctor's appointment she weighed a whopping 10lbs 1 ounce. This is particularly impressive given that she weighed 9lbs 3oz at 4 days and has been sleeping like a champ! Sunday night she slept 8 hours straight, woke up once to eat at 5 am, then slept on and off until noon. I got WAY more sleep than Striker (sorry babe!). She's also managed to speed up her eating time to 10-15 minutes already. This is particularly helpful for me and her impatient 2 year old brothers. She's in the 90th percentile for height & weight...yeah, I grow kids big :)

Jill's two week birthday marked Striker's return to work. In anticipation of the boys' daddy withdrawals, I lined up a full schedule of visitors: auntie B, followed by their twin girlfriends, followed by Oma, then grandma. They survived without any daddy meltdowns. We'll see how they do on Tuesday...