Tuesday, September 27, 2011

#3 - Week 20

So the weirdest thing happened this week...Jill was kicking up towards my diaphragm area and I was kinda freaked out. Then I realized that I'd NEVER felt that with the boys because Tony was laying under it, protecting it. Whenever Alex would kick, he'd kick Tony or some other internal organ. And because Tony was laying parallel to it, he never kicked it. So yeah, that was new. And weird. And I am concerned that given the strength of Jill's kicking already that my ribs are in BIG trouble in a few months. Which is fine because that would mean she was cooperating and head down...right now, she seems to be pulling a Tony and laying like she's in a hammock. Great. Of course both Will and I were able to feel her kicking from the outside of the belly the first time I thought her kicks were strong enough, so maybe she'll be cooperative? Crossing fingers. If not, at least we can be pretty sure that soccer is in her future and that she'll be able to kick her brothers' butts!

For comparison, pregnancy #1, week 20. I laughed when I read this post because I complained about having to go 4 weeks between ultrasounds. Um, I'm not getting anymore after 18 weeks this time because I'm normal and healthy. Poor Jill, so few ultrasound pictures compared to her brothers. I guess she'll make up for that with clothes...and hair bows...and frilly socks...yeah, girls have way more cute stuff to buy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

#3 - Week 19

So, #3 is a GIRL! This makes me happy because it explains why I was so sick this time and wasn't with twin boys. It also explains why I have a rear end this time (at least that's why I'm telling myself...there is no other explanation that makes any sense...except for maybe the fact that I'm not sitting on it all the time).

Striker and I had planned to keep her name a secret until she was born...and that lasted only a few hours until we told my sister in exchange for getting to see her and Shades' wedding bands. She knew the boys' names before they were born, so it wasn't a big deal. And then...within a few days, we just decided that it wasn't worth being hassled by everyone wanting to know NOW, so we decided to start telling people. We are set on her name and it'll be nice to be able to refer to her and her stuff by name so that the boys can start to understand that things belong to her. So, without further ado, her name is Jillian Annaliese. Jillian is a Jenn/Striker's real name combo. Annaliese is a name that Striker suggested and is a combo of Ann and Elise. Elise is short for Elizabeth and three out of our four grandmothers had either first or middle names of Elizabeth. And of course, we went with the German spelling. And like Anton, there is a song "Annaliese"...hopefully Alex doesn't get a complex that he doesn't have a song. She will also have the same initials that I do, which will make her both J.A.K. and Jill! She's probably gonna hate us for that at some point...better start saving for her therapy.

For comparison, Pregnancy #1, week 19 +1 day

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

#3 - Week 18

Wow! How'd we get to 18 weeks already?! I mean, missing the first 6 weeks definitely sped things along, but wow! 18 weeks!

It's a busy week for #3 and I. Yesterday was our regular OB appointment, where I've seriously got to be her most boring patient..not to mention I could just test my own urine, weigh myself, and take my own blood pressure - 107/67 if you'd like to hate me like Striker does. If she wanted to hand me the doppler, I could do that too since I can now feel this kid moving pretty regularly, and ended up directing her on where to find the little turkey that kept rolling out of the way. I like being boring though :)

Tomorrow is THE ultrasound! I really don't care either way, just want to know so I can get everything ready and plan accordingly. Pictures and an update will be posted tomorrow night hopefully...I have a busy day tomorrow!

Friday is the 2nd trimester blood draw. Also odd that this is only the 3rd time I'm having blood drawn while pregnant. I rather like being normal. :)

I'm a little disappointed that I get tired so easily...so much to do on my mile long to do list and yet I can only accomplish a tiny little bit at a time. Sigh. I saw a friend that I've known since elementary school yesterday who is due with her second daughter in December and she is MUCH smaller than I am. She barely looks like she might be pregnant. Of course her daughter is already 2 1/2 and she weighed as much as Alex when she was born. I'm giving myself an allowance. :)

For your comparison, Pregnancy #1, week 18

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#3 - Week 17

At the request of my mom, the shoe rack has been removed from the door on the left. You're welcome Mom. :) And who paid off Striker to get some of my head in this picture? Seriously, I'm WAY less OCD with the pictures this time. In anticipation of the gender ultrasound in 8 days, Striker and I picked a boy and girl name for #3. I feel much better now. And no, we aren't sharing the name until number 3 is born and yes, the girl name is different that the 2 girl names I'd picked if we'd had twin girls instead of the boys.

For your comparison...Pregnancy #1, week 17