Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Never to Return

In unpacking boxes and organizing stuff last weekend, I came to the conclusion that I suck at returning stuff. Remember that second sewing machine that I wrote about in an earlier blog? Still in my possession and currently residing in my closet next to my original machine. If anyone can find a replacement foot, they can have my extra machine. In going through my closet (it's so big I still have room in it!) I find clothes with and without tags that I have never worn that I have owned for at least 6 months. I bought an onion chopper for my aunt...she didn't want it, I never returned it. The list goes on and on. I think my adversion to returning items stems from my time in retail...I hated processing returns then and I hate making them now.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jury Duty

Remember how I got that jury summons for the week I was in the Dominican? Remember how I postponed it until July 2nd which I was certain was going to be a slow week at work? Remember how I ended up moving June 2nd? Well, it turns out that Chino is in San Bernardino County which means I am ineligible to serve jury duty in Riverside County. I'm heartbroken...really. :)

This led me to count the number of dwellings (houses, apartments, townhouses), cities, and counties I've lived in...ready?

Dwellings- 7 (9)
Morning Canyon house
Bramford Court house
DiamondGate townhouse
(Pasadena condo - Dad's - on occasion)
(Victorville house - Dad's - on occasion)
Corona apartment
Lake Elsinore house
Moreno Valley house
Chino townhouse (technically)

Cities - 5
Diamond Bar
Lake Elsinore
Moreno Valley

Counties - 3
Los Angeles
San Bernardino

Ok, your turn!

I'm going to the gym tomorrow...

I'm going to the gym tomorrow...even if it kills me. I'm currently suffering from a tad bit of disappointment and am leaning towards discouraged. I was gung-ho about going to the gym last week, but then my back turned on me and reminded me that it was there. If I don't go to the gym and go to the chiropractor about once a week or so, I forget I have a back (this is a good thing). I'm going to try just doing the elliptical this week (and maybe the thigh machines) and see if my back will allow me to continue that on a regular basis. Otherwise I'm going to see almost zero progress until I get my breast reduction. (MRI, which is the next step in that process, is scheduled for Friday at 6:00 AM). I just wish I didn't get bored on the elliptical. It's a known fact that I have Gym ADD. That's why I like going to classes or bouncing around from machine to machine. PTs are good, but then my back hurts...that's what started my addiction to the chiropractor. I'm hoping that my iPod does the trick...wish me luck!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


What's a girl got to do for a few comments? Does anyone read this?

Not working is a wonderful thing until your phone rings and you have to answer a work question. Vacation is a wonderful thing and it's almost worth the pile of work that will be waiting for me when I return...almost.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I want to live up to the excellent blogging of Kim1Champ and Queen B, but feel somewhat limited in topics. Blogging about work is a no no, and that is a good 50% of my entire existance. My commute is no longer unrealistic and there are a few other topics that I can't write about as this is a public blog...

So that leaves me with housebreaking my dog for the third time. Here's a tip...don't get a puppy if there's any chance you'll be moving in the next 5 years. My dog is going to be 3 in September and he's lived in 3 houses with a significant amount of time spent visiting at my aunt and uncle's. The only place he's 100% housebroken is at my aunt's. At home he's 100% pee on pads and about 10% poop on puppy pads. My dog is smart, smart dogs tend to be stubborn. He knows what he's doing when he refuses to go pee in the garage like we want him to in the new house, and he knows what he's doing when he poops in various locations throughout the new house. Case in point - today I come home from work and find to poop deposits. One is smack in the middle of my new area rug, and the other is inches away from the puppy pads that we are slowly inching to the garage door. The fact that the dog figured out which room was the kitchen and wanted to pee there indicates that he is fairly intelligent for a dog. The fact that he REFUSES to pee in the garage indicates that he is stubborn.

I'm off until Monday so I will be using the next 4 days to train the little poop head - wish me luck!

Queen B, can I send my little poop head up to spend some time with your little angels? 14 hours is quite the impressive feat!

Oh and in case anyone is wondering, my cat found his litter box in the garage and started using it promptly the day we moved in.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

No gym today...

The husband was home, so I cooked dinner and was a good wife. After spending the entire morning in a meeting with HR and having to work at least 12 hours tomorrow I decided to take a day off so I could survive tomorrow. I promise to go to the gym tomorrow. Wow, how many times did I just write "tomorrow"?

On a happier note, we bought presale tickets to Frozen Fury 10 in Vegas...YAY! The Kings have to do better this year so they can beat the Ducks...the bandwagon jumping fans are going to be SO annoying next season. I confess, I was rooting for the Ducks to win the Stanley Cup, but only because I didn't want a Canadian team to win. I clearly define my loyalties as my favorite teams, followed by the local teams. I swear I'm consistent!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Look another post!

And I went to the gym for the second day in a row!! I tried out the 24HF in Ontario and liked it because it has the newest model of Precor ellipticals. Is it lame that I judge my gym by the type of elliptical more so than any other feature? After the elliptical, it's the placement of my favorite machines, the stations on the tvs, the classes offered at my "gym times", and the temperature of both the room and the water in the fountain. I did enough that I should be sore tomorrow...maybe it wasn't such a good idea to buy a two story house?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Geez people!

I'm sorry...I was on vacation for half of May and then I moved 2 weeks ago and had "technical" difficulties. But I'm back, and committed to blogging on a regular basis once again. I'm also going to the gym again. This should be an eventful week. I don't know that anyone really cares, but I will now highlight the last 2 months or so...

Dominican Republic, May 14-20 - Paradisus Palma Real - ABSOLUTELY, HANDS DOWN THE BEST RESORT I'VE EVER STAYED AT. Except for the mosquitoes. I had I think 8 or 9 massive bites...I'll work on getting pictures up soon (my photo shop in my home office is still a work in progress). Trust me, they were nasty. And I used repellent. The only downside to the trip was that it was a work sponsored trip, which means that I periodically had to play nice with people I wouldn't necessarily choose to vacation with. Oh, and Will and I have officially sworn off motorized water sports in foreign countries. We went on a aquatic tour in a 2 seater boat...really cool except that it was low tide. Let's just say we needed some assistance in getting back to dry land. Dominican rum is very tasty...this revelation just strengthens my love of rum and the Dominican.

Trip home was quite the adventure. We stood in line for security for oh I don't know, an hour and a half? Between the hubby and I we had 5 bags. The screener looked in one half heartedly and slapped stickers on the rest of the bags indicating that they had been screened...did I mention that their airport amounts to a really big hut? Definitely not high security there. We leave the Dominican on separate flights - Will flying to Dallas via San Juan and me flying to LAX via JFK.

Dominican to Dallas - Will gets to San Juan and is then delayed there for 4 1/2 hours due to weather in Dallas and mechanical problems resulting in a plane change. He arrives at his hotel in Dallas at approximately 1:30 AM local time and has to be in a meeting at 8:00 AM.

Dominican to LAX - First, it was RETARDED that we flew to JFK before heading west to LAX. Even more retarded is that we had a very short lay over given that we were going through customs at one of the busiest airports in the country. Let's just say that my suitcase and one of the Sauer's suitcases were the LAST TWO bags to get dropped onto the carousel at 5 minutes after our flight to LAX was scheduled to depart. Let me also point out that the last 4 Staples people were the 4 people from the IAM group. We made a pact at 5 minutes to scheduled take off that we'd leave no man behind. We get our bags go through customs and head off towards the counters/gates to see if we'd be sleeping in NYC. We run into the travel people who tell us that the flight was delayed giving us about 20 minutes to get to the gate. We recheck our bags (which is the most retarded part about customs) and race off towards the gate. We arrive there to find that the flight has been further delayed, allowing us to eat something - YAY!

Dallas, May 22-24 - Rangers game was cool. Texas is far more green than I thought it would be. I'd definitely go back, but like everywhere else, I couldn't really imagine living there. I get a massage and lounge around (lots of reading) while Will attends meetings/seminars. My return flight is uneventful. Will's is not. Weather delays him AGAIN for another 4 hours. Remind me to never fly with him!!

While we're vacationing, we're also trying to close escrow on our new house (pictures on my MySpace page). I don't even want to try to tally up all of the fees we paid to email or fax from the Dominican or Dallas. We got home on the 24th and signed the escrow papers on the 25th. We got our keys on the 31st and moved in on the 2nd. We didn't have internet access until the 11th and then the power was shut off by the builder on the 12th (PLEASE don't get me started on that!). I'm about 75% functional in my office right now...docking station has been ordered and then I just need to get going on the photography and scrapbooking stuff. Yes, I know it seems ridiculous, but it's a 4 bedroom house - I have an office, Will has an office, we have our bedroom, and a guest bedroom. When we have kids we're going to be fighting over who is going to give up their office...I'm thinking the guest bedroom goes first. :)

Much to the dismay of my boss, I'm taking 2 vacation days this week to work on the house and 2 more 4th of July week. He seems to forget that Maternity Leave Round 2 is about to start and I'll be 2 down on my team again, thus halting the ability for me to take any vacation time. I won't recover from that until October when they both return...sigh. Thank goodness I have committed to religiously attending the gym beginning tomorrow. I'm gonna need the stress relief.