Thursday, August 30, 2007

BBB # 21

Eric's un-girlfriend is TOTALLY jealous. LOVE his brothers!

Zach's good-bye speech was retarded. Clearly he has too much time on his hands.

Wah-mber's farewell was HYSTERICAL - "I'm going to try not to c-c-c-c-c-cry."

How impressive was it that Julie Chen was able to interview Wah-mber with a straight face? It was even more impressive that she said she wanted to be a motivational speaker but didn't mention being a model. The hubby and I are still laughing about how Wah-mber asked Drew Carey what "scrutinize" meant.

Have I mentioned I hate HOH competitions that carry over until the next episode...thank goodness for blogs of the live feed. I know who won and it's going to make things interesting!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

BBB #20

Amber needs to go home!

Yes, He's REALLY Wearing THAT!

This was taken in Aurora, CO. I actually made my mom circle back around so that I could take this photo...all in the name of the blog!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

BBB #19

Tonight's BBB will be a combined effort from the hubby and I.

Amber (while crying): "I ain't crying no more."
The hubby: That's not really crying for Amber. Me: Good point!

During the POV competition Amber is sad that Jameka was eliminated. Me: How STUPID would it have been for both her and Jameka to have been out of the house together with the replacement nominee stayed there? The hubby: How would that be worse than them being there? Me: Good point.

Amber's verbal vomit when making a deal with Daniele. Me: Seriously? Daniele would have been happy with just her word that she wouldn't put her up. LMAO.

Monday, August 20, 2007

BBB #18

Another episode filled with Amber's tears...shocker!

How funny was it when they showed Amber asking what practically EVERY word meant? Did anyone bother to count how many different words she didn't know the meaning of? I couldn't bring myself to watch it again.

I absolutely LOVED that CBS dedicated an entire competition/episode to their nightly activity of beer pong. It's hands down the best part of After Dark.

How STUPID is Eric's next task - to give someone his childhood woobie. How STUPID is that they called it a woobie?

And now a quote from Amber - "If everything pans out the way God told me it will..." WOW!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

In Memory of David Daniel Parrino

A close family friend was killed by a repeat drunk driver while riding home from work on his motorcycle one night almost 3 years ago. Dave would have turned 28 this week and instead, just last week, the man responsible for causing it was sentenced. You can read more about it here: Closure?

The following is from: OC Register's The Crime Scene

August 06, 2007

Victim impact

Posted on August 6 at 05:45 PM

Before he sentenced Cesar Nieto Camacho, of Dana Point, to 20 years-to-life for killing motorcyclist David D. Parrino in a high-speed, drunk-driving incident, Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly listened today to poignant words from Parrino’s parents.

Here is what they had to say:

“A major part of me died with him. I bear the burden everyday of reliving what happened to my one and only son…This is a prime example of an individual who was given a privilege to drive in this state and had total disregard for the thousands of other law-abiding motorists driving on our freeway.” – Tim Parrino, David’s father.

“It torments me that my son died alone and that I wasn’t there in his final moments to comfort him…What parent can ever imagine suffering the loss of a son or a daughter? Watching my son grow and advance in his career, marry and raise a family…all these things have been lost forever and I can never be whole again. –Beverly Parrino, David’s mother.

To read our story on the Camacho sentencing on, click here.
--Larry Welborn

I don't want to write about Dave's death, but rather his life. My mom and his dad worked together when we were little. We didn't really know each other until both of our parents were divorced. Sometime around my 18th birthday we started to become friends too, talking on AIM, going to lunch, and occasionally, I'd hang out with Dave and his fraternity brothers.

Dave worked at a particular retailer and is the reason that on one day in July of 1999 when I walked into one of their stores to buy a new planner for my upcoming first semester of college, I turned in an application at the job fair they were holding to staff their brand new store in Brea. I was hired on the spot wearing a tank top, khaki shorts with sunglasses on my head - it makes me giggle to this day. So just like our parents, Dave and I were working for the same company. Eight years later, I'm still there having been promoted several times (thankfully).

I remember when Dave got his silver Camaro - his dad surprised him with it, so it spent its first night in our garage. (That car was as demon possessed as my Lexus...hmmm maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are both silver?) He drove that car to death (although I think his dad still has it), driving from Fullerton to UCI where he went to school.

My first semester of college I was in a sorority and had a great time, although I dropped out of the sorority after that first semester. Dave was shy and a computer nerd ( we called each other Nerdo and Dorko affectionately - hey, you might as well embrace the facts when you're a geek!). Dave joined a fraternity and made some great friends which he ended up living with for a time. I had an S-10, so I ended up helping him move to a house at the beach.

At that beach house is where Dave invited me to one of his fraternity parties the Friday before my 21st birthday. My friend Colleen went with me and I got buzzed for the first time...I forget exactly what my beverage of choice was that night, but I know that it contained Sprite, because Dave loved Sprite. As a responsible drinker, Colleen and I both stayed the night there sharing Dave's twin bed with him. Perhaps the most surprising thing is that we all slept fairly well...those were the days when we were all a lot more thin!

I miss Dave. He was like my brother and I think of him often.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

BBB #17

Yes, I took notes during the episode...

AMBER ALERT! On the blog that the hubby reads religiously, an Amber Alert is when Amber starts crying. If you don't watch the show, but read my blog, you are aware that this happens frequently. Tonight's episode did not disappoint.

Julie (the host) asked started to ask Amber about her young daughter (she's a single mom if you don't know) and before Julie even finished the question, Amber was in tears.

A few minutes later they cut to one of Amber's Diary Room sessions where she says that Dick is moody, LMAO! Granted, it's true, but that's the pot calling the kettle black.

Dustin's face when his eviction was announced...PRICELESS! And how great were Amber's insta-tears? She was so in shock though that I don't think she could sob :)

After Dustin walked out the house was completely silent... that was really weird!

Understatement of the day - Dustin said, "Amber is a very emotional person" - really?!

Does anyone else think that Amber has a thing for Dustin (the only gay guy that was left in the house)?

Tip to all houseguests - on Thursdays when you will be competing in the Head Of Household competition, do NOT were strapless tops/dresses. If you win and you have boobs, you will cause CBS to hold their breath and prepare for Nipplegate II.

How scary was it that the final two in the HOH competition were Danielle and AMBER?! How happy am I that Danielle is HOH again?! YAY!!!!

Rachel Made Me Post This

Rachel and I have decided that as long as she periodically provides me with material for my blog, I'll stop nagging her to write her own blog (even though her job could provide her with days full of material and I can never write about work).

And so, to follow up on the bottled water debate, some required reading. I am addicted to bottled water and Starbucks. Is that so bad?

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

BBB #16

LOVED Daniele's little sob fest in the HOH room about her dad and the quick cut to her diary room session where she said that it was half strategy - BRILLIANT!

Note to Dustin - the idiot who is on the block and who confidently says "I feel safe" almost ALWAYS GOES HOME!!!!

And now, the hubby will write about the rules and regulations of being a houseguest on Big Brother:

Well, since some of you out there in the Blog-o-sphere have said I would make a good player on BB, I decided to actually look into it. So, I came upon the section of the CBS website that describes some of the rules and agreements of becoming a houseguest. For example, you must be willing to live in the BB house with twelve or thirteen strangers for 100 days (wow, really?). Another thing that I found rather interesting is that the houseguests do indeed receive a stipend for each week they are in the house. However, they are not paid the stipend until they actually leave the house (those that depend on a steady stream of income need not apply, I suppose). They did not, however, specifically state how much the stipend is. Also, you must give up your stipend if you win any prize money (oh DARN!).

Now, here is the part I found fascinating...possibly to the point that I question the validity of these rules altogether: rule #9 states, and I quote, "You must be in excellent physical and mental health." WHAT?! Okay, this must be a new rule for future shows, because WHAT ABOUT AMBER? She's nuttier than a freakin Pay Day bar!! Excellent mental health...sheesh, I guess us "normal" people are not normal at all to these producers. And it doesn't even stop there. There have been houseguests that have threatened to kill other houseguests. Yeah, EXCELLENT mental health there. Oye...

Anywho, that's my report for this, I send it back to the, Jennann...

Isn't he cute?!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Demon Possessed Car - Take 2

One of my very first blogs was about the demon possessed Lexus and all that has happened to it in the very short time we've owned it.

Yesterday, the hubby called me while en route to his bowling tournament and informed me that yet ANOTHER rock had hit the windshield and that this time the crack was spreading across the windshield. Please keep in mind that we've had the car less than a year and a half. Sigh...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

BBB #15

Ann, I hope you watched tonight because Amber usual.

Amber, Jameka and Dustin are getting on my nerves! Seriously, God told Amber which guitars had $$ in them?! I think worse than her believing that, is that she said it out loud. Jameka and Dick going at it is almost as painful as watching Amber and Jameka talk about the game. PAINFUL! Dustin has been annoying me on After Dark...he thinks he is so much smarter than everyone, but he's not. I just hope that when the regular show catches up to After Dark they let America see what a doofus he is.

If I ruled Big Brother, I'd want Eric, Jessica, Jen and Zach to team up. (Yes, as stated on Kim's blog, Jen's growing on me.) I'd want Danielle to win HOH and POV in alternating weeks to keep herself in the house. That would eliminate Amber, Jameka, and Dustin. Zach would probably be the next to go, and then that would leave the final four as: Eric, Danielle, Jen, and Jessica, and THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I took the GRE yesterday (thank goodness that's over!) and was instantly reminded that I had spent much too much time blogging and not nearly enough studying. Well, that's not entirely true. I could have studied more, but I did enough to get a decent score. I procrastinate when it comes to studying.

When I got there they made me lock up EVERYTHING I brought with me except for my driver's license into one of 50 lockers numbered 1-50. Guess which locker I got? 22! Guess who I thought of? KIM! I giggled to myself and was saddened that I could not take a photo (cell phones are strictly prohibited - using one would get me kicked out of the test). Then they asked me to complete a form - I had to write a paragraph in my handwriting with specific instructions DO NOT PRINT. Again I thought of Kim and wondered the last time that I wrote that much in handwriting as opposed to my usual scribble which is a combination of handwriting and printing. Again, I wished that I could have taken a photo.

I did fairly well on the test...had I studied for the verbal as much as the math I'd have done very well. Oh well, maybe I'll retest one day if I need to.

Aside from banning cell phones/cameras, my only other complaint is that they have the most UNCOMFORTABLE chairs and their workstations are far from ergonomic. I sat for a little over 3 hours in a chair that had a low back, arm rests that were not adjustable, and a monitor that was far too low. They provide headphones to cancel out distractions, but I wish I could have selected some nice classical music to stimulate my brain and avoid boredom. Three hours is a long time to stare at a black and white computer screen.

Hot Shoes

Would you wear these?
(Yes that's chocolate brown, tan, orange, yellow, royal blue, baby blue, and red (on the bottom and also around the ankle which is hard to see in this photo)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

BBB #14

Dick's face when Kail was evicted...PRICELESS!

Note to Jessica - tube tops should not be worn when there is a possibility that you will be jumping up and down if you win HOH.

Is it kinda bad that I wanted Jen to win HOH this week just to see what would happen? Don't get me wrong, I'm happy Jessica got it, but I'm a little worried because she was so easily swayed by Dick and Danielle last week.

Ann, I hope you watched tonight because then you saw Amber's meltdown - lots of tears!

And Bianka, you thought you were 3 hours ahead of me, but Will knew what was going to happen around noon today...this is also proof that the hubby is ADDICTED to Big Brother this season - the link he sent me at work today and said that I had to read it no matter how busy I was.

Still rooting for an Eric and Danielle final two!



Rach, what will you be doing with all of the extra toothpicks you've collected?

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Useful Information

Required reading can be found here

This article brought to you by Rachel...she made me do this. :)

1) How is it possible for a person NOT to panic if their car is suddenly submerged in water?

2) If you were to be extra prepared and buy the LifeHammer, how long would it take you to find it and use it should you ever need to? I see that it comes with a mounting bracket, but where exactly would you mount it?

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

BBB #13

All I have to say is...LOVE THE BUNNY SUITS!!! So does the Bunny...he feels it was in his honor on our anniversary :)

Happy Anniversary to Me and the Hubby!

I promised that I would not blog from home today in honor of our anniversary and spending time with the hubby. Then I remembered that it was a BB8 night and asked for an exception in the name of the Big Brother Blog - he agreed because he is a closet addict to our Hot Chick Bloggers Club. One of the many reasons I married him!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Is it possible to clone a Queen?

Ways the Queen and I are alike:

Birthday (close)
Me: 3/81
Queen B: 3/80

Sibling's b-day (freakishly close)
Me: 4/84 (sister)
Queen B: 4/83 (brother)

Born/raised (as in we grew up in the same city - close)
Me: So Cal
Queen B: Dallas

Hubby's b-day (freakish)
Me: 12/79
Queen B: 12/69

First Date (alike if you focus on the month)
Me: 3/02
Queen B: 3/97

Engagement Month (close but not quite - the Queen had the longest engagement on the planet!)
Me: July
Queen B: August

Wedding (not so much alike)
Me: 8/04
Queen B: 3/05

Nickname for the hubby (close)
Me: Bunny
Queen B: Honey

Shoe Size (close)
Me: 8.5
Queen B: 9.5

Height (not so close)
Me: 5'6"
Queen B: 5'9"

Birth Weight (same!)
Me: 9lbs 8 oz
Queen B: 9 1/2 lbs (you do the math!)

Reason we're addicted to blogging and Big Brother (SAME!)
Me: Kim!
Queen B: Kim!

Age moved into First House we owned (same)
Me: 24
Queen B: 24

AIM icon (same)
Me: blue butterfly
Queen B: blue butterfly

Favorite drink at Starbucks (similar but not so much)
Me: cold - any tea/hot - white chocolate mocha or chai tea latte
Queen B: cold - iced green tea/hot - cafe mocha or hot passion tea

HS activities (geeky dancers)
Me: dance, colorguard, AP classes, work
Queen B: dance, student congress, honor society, work

First date with now hubby
Me: TGI Fridays and pool
Queen B: TGI Fridays (they both worked there)

Pets under 15 pounds
Me: 2 boys - cat and dog
Queen B: 2 girls - both dogs

Favorite activities the hubbies share:
Seinfeld, video games, bowling, spending time with their amazing wives :)

Random things:
Love our Hondas!

Ways we are NOT alike:
The Queen likes fish - yuck!

You know you want to play too - are you like us?

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Interesting Observation

Have you noticed that people that do not live in California refer to it as "Cali", while people that live here use "Northern/Southern CA" and/or "Nor/So Cal"?

Maybe I'm going out on a limb here, but I'd say "Cali" is used almost exclusively by people who don't live in California.

Not quite as interesting as the great "soda/pop" debate, but interesting nonetheless.

BBB #12

How screwed up was the plane? Seriously? Where did Amber come from? She's ANNOYING, but other than being a blubbering idiot, her one lie didn't really cause much harm. Throwing Eric under the bus was kinda sad. Some theories are that CBS is trying to sabotage him...they definitely have been with the way they are editing things.

How funny was it when during the HOH competition Jameka said to Dick: "You are an inspiration to all smokers"?

Something I will not be seeing on the upcoming GRE: "I am fathomed that they stayed on as long as they did."

Danielle in reference to Dick: "I don't know if his strategy works, but it makes him happy". Here's the thing...for the same reason she nominated Jen, she should have nominated Dick...that might end up biting her in the rear.

Eric and Danielle got a little too fired up this they are on the radar...bad move if they want to make it to the end. Looks like my early picks might be in vain.

Side note: As I'm frantically scribbling my notes for the blog while watching tonight's episode Will looks over at them and says "Are you going to be able to read those later?" As I said on Kim's blog (here) long as you can read it, who cares how bad your handwriting is?!

And before you have to ask...

Bonus points if you can read it!

Friday, August 3, 2007

This one is for Kim!

A few days ago Kim wrote a blog about leftover drinks. I returned from lunch today and noticed that my desk looked like this:

That's a half empty bottle of water and the cup of black iced tea that halted my consumption of the water (Dasani of course, which I buy from the machine rather than drink the free Sparkletts, MUCH to Rachel's dismay).

Thursday, August 2, 2007

BBB #11

Amber is an IDIOT!!!! She's sobbing uncontrollably over Nick being nominated and then they cut to a flash back of HER suggesting it to Dustin.

I love that Dick continuously picks on Jen...he actually compared her to Saddam Hussein!

Danielle overreacted to Jen just a bit and having seen the whole thing prior to the iced tea incident, I like Danielle a little less. Sad. Then again who knows what happened earlier in the could have been the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back.

Why did Nick shave his head? Why did Eric "copy" him?!

FUNNIEST thing EVER!!!! Amber in the diary room talking about Nick being nominated for eviction: "I think it's better if he goes because then I won't have somebody to depend on. Maybe I can get my emotions under control because I think if I don't stop crying as much as i do eventually it's gonna bite me in the ass." You think?

Julie: Why do you think God wanted you in the house?
Jameka: Um...hopefully to win.

Jameka is representing all African Americans by referring to Zach as Nick's slave? Hmmm...

The votes for Kail: Zach and Eric. The votes for Nick: Jen, Jameka, Jessica, Amber, Dick, and Danielle. The sad thing is that everyone is going to think that Danielle voted for Kail instead of Eric.

Amber's face when she was saying her good-bye to Nick...priceless!

I hate when HOH competitions run over into the next show...thank goodness for After Dark!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

How many would you like?

How many times have you heard that question after answering "yes" to the inquiry of a fast food employee as to whether or not you'd like ketchup/mustard/hot sauce/all condiments?

Today at lunch I want to Taco Smell for a Crunchwrap Supreme - love them! The drive-thru guy asked if I wanted hot sauce and I said yes. I didn't bother to check because every other time I'd gone there (and let me tell you that's been way too many to count) I've received an ample supply of hot sauce. In fact, I've received hot sauce even when I've said "no, thanks".

Imagine my surprise when I returned to my office, opened the bag, and saw exactly TWO packets of hot sauce. (BTW, how great is it that they print little sayings on them?) Crunchwraps require 3 packets of hot sauce and I am disappointed. This made me think that asking the question "How many would you like?" might actually be an important one after all.