Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jillian @ 11 Months

Did I blink and miss the last 11 months? How the heck are we in the final countdown to Jill's first birthday?!

Oh this baby girl is such a joy!
She is always on the go and just BUSY exploring and learning and trying to keep up with her brothers.
She climbs everything.
She has great balance.
She FINALLY started walking this week after teasing us for what felt like an eternity.
She prefers to do so (walk) in only a diaper.
She wants to do everything herself. I think I've put solid food into her mouth less than 5 times in 5 months.
She has learned to back off of the couch or bed so that she lands feet first...still a big drop from the bed though.
She waves, claps, and dances.
She loves music like Tony.
She is a rooster in the morning like Alex.
She still naps twice a day, but if the conditions are right, will just take one really long nap midday.
She is fiercely independent and brave.
She is becoming quite a talker.

She says:

  • mama - but means she wants to nurse. Whatever, it's fine. 
  • dada - her favorite person in the whole world
  • hi - but usually just waves
  • bye-bye - every morning when daddy leaves for work (unless she happens to be sleeping late)
  • Opa (believed to be used interchangeably for both Oma and Opa - she saw Oma walking towards her at hockey this weekend and very clearly said "Opa!")
Just under 30 inches
21 pounds
Still just 6 teeth
18 month clothes fit her perfectly right now (except for jammies...we're holding on to the warm fleece ones as long as we can)...her spring and summer wardrobe will be 24 months....crazy! Of course that's a length issue...the 18 month skirts and pants are way too big for her diapered waist...we need to start buying the adjustable waistband or just leggings which are more snug. 
Size 4 diapers...Jilly's still got a big ol' butt!


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Rach said...

how does jill not have a 1 year update yet?